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Wednesday, July 7 - Sunday, July 11, 2010

At the Morristown Hyatt & Conference Center in Morristown, New Jersey

Updated 7/5/10


The NATIONAL 96 Hour Extravaganza Featuring Over 950 Events, Including:


OVER THIRTY U.S. National Championships!

OVER FIFTY NAGA and RPGA Network Modules!

The $2,500 Badge Puzzle!

The ARENA, the world's only 50' x 20' Wargaming Battlefield, plus DOZENS of Other Wargaming Scenarios!

SCORES of Role Playing Games in Every Conceivable Genre!

The World's LARGEST Role Playing Track Devoted to Independent Publishers, Containing OVER EIGHTY Adventures!

Computer Gaming on Networked Computers and Video Gaming on a GIANT LCD Screen!

HUNDREDS of Board Games and Card Games, for a Complete Range of Interests from Simple Family Games to Complex Euro Games!

The $250 Summer Poker Championship!

Opening Ceremonies featuring a Dinner Buffet and HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN GIVEAWAY PRIZES!

Hordes of Special Guests: Game Companies, Comic Artists, Writers, Artists!

Gamers' Edition Live Game Shows: $1,000 The Weakest Link and One vs. The Mob!

A Large Video Room with a Convention-Long Schedule!

A GIANT Dealers' Room with Many Vendors!

The Double Exposure Con Suite featuring SUGARFEST 2010 and The Ghirardelli Chocolate Fondue!

Altogether over $50,000 in prizes!

Collectible Games, Outdoor Sports, Pencil Puzzles and Word Games, Riddles, Puzzles, Parties, Art, Auctions, and MANY, MANY SURPRISES!

At-the-door prices are as follows:

Complete Membership: $65.00
One Day Complete, Friday: $35.00
One Day Complete, Saturday: $50.00
One Day Complete, Thursday or Sunday: $30.00

One Day Memberships are valid until the end of the last event of the day (4:00AM)

Rooms can be reserved at the Morristown Hyatt for $115.00/night (flat rate) by calling their main number (973-647-1234) 9-5 weekdays. Be sure to mention DEXCON 13 and/or Double Exposure to get the event rates!

For directions to the Morristown Hyatt, click here

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