at 8:00AM - 2:00PM, Friday, July 4, 2014

An Extraordinary Journey into Madness!

Thirty particpants will enter a huge room on Friday morning. The room will be filled with items, art, games, sounds, music, letters, numbers and all sorts of strange clues. The door will lock behind them - if anyone leaves, they cannot re-enter and they are removed from the event. The particpants then have five hours to make sense of the chaos and find the FINAL ANSWER that will win the jackpot.

The particpants can work independently, or together (either in separate groups or as a whole community). They can work at whatever pace they'd like - but time runs against them. A five-hour countdown timer ticks continuously, and each hour that passes lowers the jackpot by $1,000. If the FINAL ANSWER remains hidden when time expires, the game is over.

Each particpant starts with 100 credits and a Clue Envelope. During the game, the particpants can trade credits for information or help, or just about anything. The Clue Envelope is worth 100 credits, but ONLY if it remains sealed. Each particpant must decide whether to preserve their Clue Envelope, open it, or trade it. If the FINAL ANSWER is communicated, the particpant who finds it earns 6,000 credits. The grand prize will then be distributed among all the particpants based on percentage of credits - in CASH.


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