At the Morristown Hyatt & Conference Center in Morristown, New Jersey

A Special NEW Convention For Designers and Publishers!

Complete Schedule of Events

Confirmed Attending Designers & Publishers (Updated 10/27/11):

  • Darren Watts (Hero Games, IPR)
  • Bill White (Consensus Games)
  • Mark Salzwedel (Strategic Space)
  • Ivan Turner (9 Kingdoms)
  • Russell Morrisey (Gorkwobble Games)
  • Kit La Touche (Transneptune Games)
  • David Fooden (Game Company No. 3)
  • Rich Parla & Courtney Tricarichi (Legendary Realms Terrain)
  • Brennan Taylor (Galileo Games)
  • Rob Trimarco (Pantheon Press)
  • Stephen Buonocore (Stronghold Games)
  • Larry Wickman (Gamewick Games)
  • Kevin Allen Jr. (Kevin Allen Jr. Design)
  • Curt Covert (Smirk & Dagger Games)
  • Greg Agostini (PST Productions)
  • Zev Shlasinger (Z-Man Games)
  • Fred Hicks (Evil Hat Productions)
  • Erich Michel (MinMax Games, LLC)
  • Chris Kreuter (Masquerade Games LLC)
  • Jennifer Wong (Jennigames)
  • Timothy Rodriguez (Ogreteeth Games)
  • Ann Stolinsky (Gontza Games)
  • Joshua Yearsley (Mad Scientist Games)
  • Lizzie Stark (Leaving Mundania)
  • Andrew Morris (Plague Monkey Games)
  • Brendan Conway (Saint Erebus Games)
  • Ben Walker (Echoes of Empires)
  • Neal Stidham (Parenthesis Press)
  • Bradley Eggleston (HorrorScope)
  • Shawn De Arment (De Arment Publishing)
  • Warren Morrison (Shattered Legacy)
  • Shoshana Kessock (Phoenix Outlaw Productions)
  • Michael Keller (Visible Hand Games)
  • Chris Adams (Aetherco)
  • Frank Hablawi (Particularly Evil Productions)
  • Gil Hova (Gil Hova Games)
  • George Strayton (Secret Fire Games)
  • Michael & Kat Miller (Incarnadine Press)
  • David Petroski (Consensus Games)
  • Edward Balyka (Shattered Visions)
  • Geoffrey Engelstein (Mind Bullet Games)
  • James Mendez Hodes (Inside Games)
  • Dan Cassar (freelance designer)
  • Matthew Gandy (Gandy Games)
  • Rob Donoghue (Evil Hat Productions)
  • Joshua A.C. Newman (the glyphpress)
  • Alex Waegel & Jamie Spencer (Revelations Gaming)
  • Cindy Au (Kickstarter)
  • Larry Bogucki (Warparty)
  • Irven Keppen (Midralon Press)
  • Josh Ferraiuolo (Hitmouse Studios)

Double Exposure is proud to present METATOPIA, a festival of ideas and creativity!

METATOPIA is the place to unveil new ideas and new additions to existing material, and to share them with friends and peers, old and new.

Join dozens of designers and publishers for 48 hours of scheduled games, demonstrations, playtests, seminars, panels and discussions. Events will include hundreds of role playing games, story games, LARPs, board games and wargames.

METATOPIA is both a freeform exchange of gaming AND a tightly scheduled Double Exposure convention. Rather than having the gamemasters focus on the attendees, we have turned the tables and are creating an environment where the Players are there to focus on the Designers! It is unlike anything we've ever run before, all tied together by the top-notch Double Exposure staff, our familiar scheduling system and our world-famous Con Suite, featuring free snacks and refreshments all weekend long!

Join as a Designer for $50.00, and create your own events. Choose to include ONLY other designers, ask for random playtesters, or fill your event with hand-picked players distinguished by their portfolios! (Note: Additional memberships for helpers & co-managers are $20.00.)

Join as a Player for $20.00, and tell us your interests - we will match you up with events that suit you based on your wishes, and then let you fill up the rest of your festival experience with whatever you'd like!

Even if your game idea consists of three pencils and a cat, you'll want to be at this exciting festival, where every Designer is treated as a star. Dust it off, show it off, and let your peers help you get it ready for the 2012 convention season!

At-the-door Player memberships will be available for $30.00.

Rooms can be reserved at the Morristown Hyatt for $99.00/night (flat rate) by going to the following link: or by calling the hotel's main number (973-647-1234) 9-5 weekdays. Be sure to mention METATOPIA and/or Double Exposure to get the event rates! For directions to the Morristown Hyatt, click here

For further information, click here to send eMail.

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