At the Morristown Hyatt & Conference Center in Morristown, New Jersey

Index of Events for METATOPIA 2013

Updated 10/27/13

9 Kingdoms Miniatures Adventure Game B265, B358

Accessibility Issues For Game Designers D036

Accounting For A Small Business D045, D073

Actually Playable Actual Play: Best Practices For Bloggers And Podcasters D084

Adobe Software, Using D021

Advanced Thieves & Thieves 2nd Edition R137, R319, R387

Agency B241, B379

Alternate Sexuality And Gender Identity In Your Design D076

Animus B258, B278

Antholojam: A Game Jam About Short Stories D003

Apocalypse World (Hack) R129, R183, R389

ApocalypZe B176, B304

Apothecary Square B115, B314

Architects of the Twisted City R229, R307

Art of Cover Design, The D022

Art On A Shoestring Budget D082

Auction Junktion B380, B402

Backstage LARP: The Seattle Affair L209

Behind the Mask B138, B264, B287

Best Ideas To Steal From Other Games, The D010

Bits and Pieces: Manufacturing Decisions For Your Game D039

Blogger B359

Boneyard System R288

Book Design 101: First Principles D038

Buffy-Themed Storytelling RPG R098, R230

Call of Catthulhu Deluxe R308, R350

Care and Feeding of Freelancers, The D006

Catfight: The Prom Night Catastrophe B301, B331, B381

Challenging The Dominant Narrative D053

Chronos System L178

CipherOps B158, B190, B277, B300

Circus Divas B295, B360

Codename: Centauri B090, B185, B315

Cognitive Biases in Players And How To Leverage Them D059

Collecting The Oral Histories of Women in Gaming D030

Collections B109, B165, B266

Companions' Tale R220, R289, R378

Cottage Industry B166, B242, B338

Criticism And Community: How To Handle Your Public D081

Cutthroat Caverns: Death Incarnate B367, B391

Dangerous Mechanics: Rules That Looked Good On The Surface D061

Death May Die R092, R179, R221

Decoys B167, B186, B243, B267, B374, B392

Designer Vs. Publisher: Which Side Do I Really Want? D083

Designing Games For Kids D026

Designing Games for Spontaneity D028

Designing Personal And Autobiographical Game Systems D069

Designing To A Theme D035

Dice to Distro: Getting Your Game To Market D041

Dino Alley B296

Dragon Blast: Battlestorm B144, B168

Dungeon Dwellers B102, B235, B316, B393

Edge of Space B116, B244, B368

Edgecast: Sundered Nations R125, R309, R398

Electronic Book Publishing 101 D050

Elemental Masters: Vampires & Victims B187, B279, B332

Elementalists, The B152, B256, B346

Epic Picnic B094, B160, B245, B280

Epyllion R191

Eternity R088

Eyeteeth R207, R337

Fantazarq: The Mega Arcade Quest B320

FATE (Hack) R226, R390

FATE Accelerated R227

FATE Core R130, R157, R231, R232, R354

FCOJ - Real-Time Financial Game B145, B169, B369

Feng Shui R203, R373, R333, R212

Fhtagn & Furious B194

Fire at Will B246, B339

Five Fires R222

Fortune Cookie Kung Fu R163, R294

Freeblades L306

Freeform L087, L211, L318, L336, L386

FUDGE-Based System L206

Galactic Extermination B146, B297

Game Play Experience In Three Acts, The D066

Gaming As The Other: Race in Our Industry D049

Gatchafighter B110, B268, B321

Ghosts of Atlantis R126, R290

Giant Awesome Robot Builder Extreme GO! R180

GM-Less Role Playing (And Other Variations) D068

Gnosis Conflict B117, B283, B302

Gothic Doctor B118, B195

Graphic Tips for Non-Designers D079

Gter Ma B103, B375

Head Space R181, R351, R213

Heat B119

Hobo Fun Time Adventure Game B269

Hogger Logger B259

Homeworld Project R114, R214

Horsemen R310

How To Be A Good Playtester For Others D008

How To Manage Adult Content D017

How To Pitch Your Game To PodCasters and Bloggers D067

How To Pitch Your Game to Publishers D007

How To Work With Artists D042

How To Work With Editors D014


Ill Counsel R139, R192, R400

Inclusivity: Inviting Women To The Table D051

Inside Joke B170

Integrating Workshopping In LARP Design D057

Intellectual Property: The Legal Perspective D019

Interstellar Love Commander R240, R334

Jack and the Giant B236, B247, B270, B303, B340

KER-Thulhu: Tower of Horror B248, B322

Khyber Station B120, B249

Kickstarter, An Introduction To D044

KristaCon: An Introduction to LongCons D023

Lagoon B121, B271

Lair B111, B132, B196, B204, B284, B335

Legalese: Contractural Pitfalls To Avoid D077

Legalese: Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents D052

Legalese: How To Create And Negotiate Contracts D040

Mafiavelli B272

Making Your Rules Accessible D016

Marvel Heroic RPG R218

MechaMax B188, B237, B281, B382

Mental Health In The Game Community D031

Mobile Frame Zero: Alpha Bandit B122

Monster Kids B238

Monsterhearts (Hack) R100, R311

Monsterhearts LARP L154, L349

Monsters Village B161

My First Year At Paizo D011

My Game Will Cost What?? D054

My Little Exalted: Mixing Genres Wildly D033

Naptime Revolution B147, B370

New School Mechanics In Old School Games (And Vice Versa!) D024

New Strange Worlds B104, B250, B341

New World, The R131, R312

Nika B260, B285, B361

Norse Meta-Techniques for LARPing D056

Odyssey R193

Open Licenses: Why, Why Not, and How D064

Operation Turbine B123, B251

Past Perfect R155

Petri Wars B159, B239, B282

Phraze-it! B171, B298, B362

Planet 313 B095, B105, B363

Planning Your Crowdfunding Campaign D025

Playtesting 101 D002

Playtesting Brutally D060

Political Capital B148, B172, B252, B323, B394

Posthuman Doorways R223

Press Start: Embracing Video Games And Digital Tools For Analog Design D072

Prime Time B395

Print Production and Pre-Press For Board Games D062

Probability In Game Design D013

Prototyping Using 'Print on Demand' Vendors D037

Psi*Ops R089, R219

Public Displays Of Adventure: Running Demos D075

Public Relations Principles D034

Publishing Fiction D020

Pull List R215, R291

Quality Control in Gaming Products D027

Quick Civ B106, B273, B324

Rampaging Jotuun B153, B257, B347

Randomness In Games D029

Rare, Strange Arts R164, R234, R292

Reaching Retailers: How To Get Stores Behind You D048

Recruiting And Training Playtesters D070

Relic: R293, R327, R388

Role Playing Development From A To Z D078

Role Playing Scenario Design D015

Ryuutama Kickstarter - LIVE! D055

S.A.L.T. L086, L210, L348

Scoop B197, B342

SecOps B274, B343

Secrets of the Lost Tomb B189, B261, B317, B364

Self-Publishing On A Shoestring Budget D018

Shadow Elite R140

Sheep! B112, B133, B149, B162, B262, B376, B396

Shuffling Horror B201

Sojourn R099, R216, R328

Spell Dice B134

Split Second Hero R224, R401

Springfield R202, R329

Starting a Small Business D043, D071

Steampulp: King of the Hill B344

Storium B096, B325, B383

Student Bodies B198

Succeeding At Conventions And Trade Shows D080

Sweet Porridge B326

System Inspired by Jeepform L372

Teaching Your Game the Japanese Way: Replay and the Pedagogy of RPGs D005

Tell Me About Your Game B135

Tell Us Why You Can't, We'll Tell You Why You Can! D004

Tempters B253

Tezlo B150, B263, B384

The Eye of Argon - Dramatic Reading Contest D001

The Fifth World R184, R313, R355

The Monster at the End of This Book...Is You D032

Timelines B097, B385

TimeWatch R127, R182, R352

Tokyo Rain R156, R353

Top Secret From Essen B151, B199, B254, B286, B371

Toy Box, The R143, R228, R365

Translating LARP: From Tabletop to Live Action D009

Trigger Happy R233, R356

Underprepared Heist Management B107, B136, B255, B377

Unnamed R141

Untitled Horror Game R208

Using Social Media To Market Your Game D058

Variance R128, R217

Wanderlust R142

Wars of Trys, The B177, B305

Westerly B085, B108, B173, B200

What Came Before R357

What Goes Into Your GM Advice Chapter? D047

Wheel of War B091, B174, B275, B345, B397

Who Said That? B175, B299

Witch Hunter L113

With Great Power: How To Run A One-Person Studio (Hint: You Can't!) D074

With Great Power... R101, R330, R366

Working With Family And Friends D012

Worst Day Ever B205

Writing Workshop, The D046

Yellow Press B124, B276

Young Centurions: Final Stages R093, R225

Your Kickstarter Just Funded; Now What? D063

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