At the Morristown Hyatt & Conference Center in Morristown, New Jersey

Index of Events for METATOPIA 2014

Updated 11/5/14

15 Minute Illuminati B229

2D/3D Portable Gaming Station B100, B129, B314, B367, B498

A Designer's Look at Freeform LARP D070

Aces & Ops LARP Cards L378

Action Cards RPG R215, R298

Adapting TV Shows to RPGs D022

Addressing Harassment in Gaming Communities D023

Adventure Design as Technology D005

Adventurous R299

AfroFuture R188, R269, R436, R480

Aftermath L140, L355

Against the Grain L141, L333

Analog Cross-Platform Design For Narrativist Cowards Like Me D074

ApocalypZe: Revised Rule System B388

Ars Magica GUMSHOE RPG R335

Art for Your Game, Without Breaking the Bank D067

Attack on Mars B101, B197, B282, B382, B466

Avoiding Glory B157, B198

Bad Medicine B308, B383

Bad Roommate/Panda Eats Bamboo B199, B283, B389

Being Persistent When Your Game Doesn't Playtest Well D044

Between Two Cities B467

Big Business B200, B440

Bisociation, Mashups, the Uncanny, and the Weird: Toward an Aesthetic of Setting Bricolage D028

Bluebeard's Bride R216, R300, R336, R496

Born to Serve B102

Both Sides of the Podcast D026

Building a Better Prototype D017

Building Communities Before Your Game Comes Out D073

By the Book R127, R280

By Word and Deed R217, R337

Caravan B424, B492

Cartel R169

Cartography of Fictional Worlds D013

Catthulhu R153, R342

Champion of the Realm R453, R301

Champions of Asgard R218

Chaos Clash B219, B246, B356, B437

Chess256 B468, B488

Chom-Chom B103, B373

Circuit B441

Codename: Centauri B230, B419

Collision Imminent: What Tabletop and LARP Have to Teach Each Other D043

Coming Up in the Indies: From Newcomer to Company Owner D062

Committee B315

Compass R123

Computer Hacking in Games D002

Corona: Autarchy's End R270, R379

Creating the Editing Bay D029

Crossfire B369

Crowdsourcing Ideas for the Next Edition of Nuclear War D056

CS6 Design Basics for Gaming Products D050

Cthulhu: Strange Aeons R156

Cutthroat Caverns: Incarnations B420

Dead Scare R220, R482

Deep Salvage One B390

DEMON HUNTERS: A Comedy of Terrors R221

Designing for Disability Access D035

Desperate Deep-Sea Diver Magicians B425

Die S.O.B. B181, B391, B469

Dignity and Power R143, R179

Disability in Gaming D059

Displacement R338

Dragon Chess: Arcane Battles B284, B392

Dreamfall R189, R271, R302, R483

Drunk Robots Grilling B234, B258, B316

Dubai B201, B317, B374, B442

Dungeon Dwellers (Expansions) B235, B470

Dungeon World R386, R481

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Analysis D010

Dungeonworld R175

Eclipse Phase: Fate Edition R272, R357, R497

Ember B087, B104, B259, B318, B471

Epic Epoch B088, B393

Epiphany R092, R180, R233, R273

Epyllion R128

Escape from Dreamworld R170, R358

Executing a Smart Crowdfunding Campaign D052

Explicit vs. Role-Based Knowledge In RPGs D076

Faded Ages R144

Faerie Tale Gloom B105, B154

Fast & Ftagn B121, B177

Fate Core R227, R276, R366, R387, R418

Fate Divergent R247

Fate of the Galaxy R423, R465

Financing and Cash Flow D061

Five Fires R113, R222

Fog of War B319, B426

Forthright R114, R171, R454

Freeform L112, L178, L297, L464

From Concept to Completion: A Project Using Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign D024

Gaming As Other: Moving Beyond Tokenism D046

Gaming With, and Designing For, Young Players D036

Gathering and Interpreting Player Feedback D016

Genius Loci: Your Setting is the Character D006

Get Bit! B285

Gnosis Conflict B260, B394

Goblin Toboggan B236, B443

Golden Cobra Contest Panel D004

Golden Dawn R359

Growing the Hobby: The Eternal Quest for New Players D053

Hacking Apocalypse World D049

Headspace R145, R360

Heart of the Rose R146, R223, R361

Henchpersons, Lackeys, Puffers & Minions Local #42 L451

High Stakes...A Game With BITE! B158, B261, B320

Hogger Logger B159, B193, B309, B368

Hootchenanny B202, B395

How to Succeed at Conventions D020

How to Teach Your Game D041

How to Work with Artists D011


Icons and Anchors D064

Ill Counsel R248

Interstellar Interventions R274, R339, R409, R484

Iron Edda R176, R228

Island Dice B160, B203, B345, B396

ISS Escape L268

Itras By L408

Joel's Card Mixer B106, B182

Keep Calm B204, B397

Khyber Station B161, B262

Kings of the Mountain B130, B321

Knee-Jerk B231, B421

Knot Dice B107, B286

Lagerheads B183, B493

Lair B162, B346

Laser Kittens R115, R485

Last Flight of KG200 R147, R362

Legal Q&A Session D018, D063, D084

Legends and Lies: 5/6 Player Variant B322, B163

Let's Talk About Superheroes R371

Let's Talk Kickstarter D047

Listening to Actual Play D057

Looting Atlantis B287

Lovecraft WTF? D069

Magic, INC RPG R124

Magnets the Game B164, B427

Mars Needs Women 2.0 B288, B444

Mech Deck B131, B323, B445

Medias Res R116, R275

Medicine...Whoops B108, B289, B324

Meet the IGDN! D008

Mental Health in the Game Industry D014

Mental Illness Within Games D077

Minions of Darkness B263, B347, B375

Model Protectorates L463

Monsters R224, R410

Moscow Hold 'Em B348

Murky Woods Homeowners Association L245

Mutanthearts R172, R456

Nautilus R148, R340

Nevermore B494

Noir World R117, R225, R303

Novapunk Setting & NOVA6 System R173, R249, R411, R491

Nubian Kings B264, B325, B428

Opening Night B290, B446

Otrera R281, R372

Our Town L307

Outflank B237, B398, B495

Parcel B089, B132, B265, B349

Parseley R343

Patchworks B109

Patreon: Return of the Ezine D079

Petri Wars B096, B277, B447

Pirate Poker B460

Planning for Profit D009

Planning Your Crowdfunding Campaign D019

Potioncraft B205, B399

Prime Time B291, B489

Print On Demand 101 D033

Prism R118, R412

Project Tile Town B165, B350, B429

Project: Dark R149, R413, R457

Prom Night Catfight B257, B439

Publishing Fiction D083

Quantum Edge B194, B292

Queerness: Addressing and Including Sexuality and Gender Identity in Your Game Design D081

Quinn's MFP R363

Rampaging Jotunn B238, B448

Retailer Roundtable D042, D045

Retailing: The Masquerade D001

Riders R120, R306, R459

Right of Succession B376

Run Them Again L213, L406

Running a Small Business in the Gaming Industry D030

SBURBia R364, R414, R486

Secrets of the Lost Tomb B133, B206, B472, B310

Self-Publishing 101 D015

Sell-Out B134, B293, B351

Shameless Speculation About D&D 5th Edition Licensing D075

Sharpshire B184, B239, B352, B430, B490

Should You Self-Publish? D048

Showdown: The Action Movie RPG R250

Six Gun B326, B487

Six Guns Without Master R365, R438, R458

Smear Campaign: A Cynical Game of Political Operatives B135, B370, B461

So You're Making Your First Game! D025

Social Media Action Steps D055

Solar Flare R174

Special Circumstance R251, R304

Starborne B185, B240

Starjump Chronicles R119, R380, R415

Strange New Worlds R150

Style Guides Are Your Friend D051

Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal B207

Suitcase B344, B400

Survive: Space B327, B473

Sweet Saga B166, B208, B328, B474

Taboo Around the Table: What We're Afraid to GM D054

Telling Women's Stories D080

Ten Things You Can Do to Make Your Rulebook Awesome D072

Terra Incognita R093, R226, R305, R416

Terra Nullius L187

The Artist's Process D086

The Belongers B209, B241, B329, B431

The Best Practices for Information Organization in Tabletop RPGs D058

The Blood of an Englishman B401, B432, B475

The Dark Road R196, R385

The Elementalists B167, B330

The Five Senses in Game Design D003

The Game of Super Powers B136, B476

The Golden Cobra Contest Winner Showcase L142, L334, L452

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Successful and Unsuccessful Crowdfunding Pages D065

The Least System Necessary D071

The Monster Mash: Cthulhu Boogaloo L407

The New World R095, R191

The Outer Limits of LARP Design D034

The Random Word Game Jam D037

The Road to Relaunch D012

The State vs. Captain Wonder L214

The Story of Storium D066

The Swarm B110, B433

The Waking Dreams Games Core Rulebook R151, R252

The Writing Workshop Game Jam D085

TimeWatch R341, R417

Tiny War B097, B186, B278, B377

Titans of Empyrean B266, B353

Tomb Traitors B125, B232, B311, B422

Top Secret From Essen B090, B111, B137, B168, B210, B242, B267, B294, B331, B354, B402, B434, B449, B477

Tower of Madness B435

Transforming Communities and Ourselves through Games D032

Traumatize Your Players Out of Love D082

Treehouse B478

Turning Legacy on Its Head D040

Undercover B243

Unnamed B244, B295, B403

Vari Trivial Bid & Bluff B098, B122

Variance R253

Visual Design as Metaphor: The Evolution of a Character Sheet D031

Vital Pact: Fandom Where It's Needed Most D027

Wait, That Player Won? Opacity, Transparency, and Player Incentives in Your Strategy Board Game D078

Warriors of the Mystic Realms R254

What Came Before R192

What Can an Editor Do for You? D021

What is the OSR? D060

Why Do You Hate Your Readers and Players? D068

Witch Hunter: the Invisible World 2nd Edition R256, R381

Witch Stones B091, B279

With Great Power... R094, R152

Women in Game Design: Building Networks and Forming Mentorships D039

Work Together AND Keep Your Friends: Healthy Publishing Collaboration D007

World Cup Simulation B126, B195, B312, B384

Worldbuilding Mechanics D038

Worlds Collide B138, B211, B404, B450

Writer's Block B139, B296, B332, B479

Writer's Blocks R255

Yellow Press B212, B405

You're Fired B099, B155, B313, B462

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