At the Morristown Hyatt & Conference Center in Morristown, New Jersey

Index of Events for METATOPIA 2015

Updated 11/3/15 at 10:30PM

...And the Bartender Said B251, B492

'Con Crash' Zine Workshop D094

20-Year Career B119, B395, B560

A #Threeforged Retrospective D031

A Designer's Guide to Podcasts D055

A Touch of Scandal: A Lady's Guide to Success and Happiness in the Age of Jane Austen R144, R377

Aces & Operatives: The Board Game B252, B493, B600

Acromania B253

Adaptive Devices in Post-Apocalyptic Game Settings D024

Adding Envoy to Your Marketing Arsenal D082

Age of the Last God R292, R530

Agile GMing D076

Airlock R243, R440

Alkemia: Destiny's Recipe B494, B531, B601

All Tricks, No Treats B444

Alphadeck B396

Alter Ego B445, B562

Ambryia: Shroud of the Shadow Demon B198, B313, B446

An Evening of Space Disasters with Bully Pulpit Games L280

Andromeda R519

Apothecary Square B199, B254, B495, B602

Arcane World R443

Art For Your Game, Without Breaking the Bank D061

Ask an Editor! D012

Atlas Reckoning R114, R520

Battle Blakes B102, B293, B397, B532

BattleHawk B200, B496

Be Honest B120, B314

Beautiful R145, R310

Beauty On A Budget D025

Being a Publisher/Being Published D049

Between Two Stars B255, B447

Big Booty B160

Bigfoot vs. Yeti B103, B398

Blessed Be the Host of the Kings of Heaven! L281

Blockbuster! B121, B201

Bluebeard's Bride R247, R378, R588

Board Game Design 101 D051

Bonsai B122, B202, B256

Born to Serve B123, B348

Both Sides of the Interview Table D018

Breakfast with Graham, Mark and Steve D043

Building a Better Prototype D015

Building Rome in a Day B124

Bulldogs! Deck Building Game B161, B203

Captains of Industry Expansion B162, B294, B448

Cartel R248, R475

Cash Out B399

Celestial Bodies L182

Cell R282, R379

Character and Worksheet Design D019

Chicken B204

Chroma R249, R476

Clear the Dragons! B533, B563, B603

Clock Work Gnomes B104, B163, B349, B497, B604

Cloud City B205, B449

Cobras B257, B450, B605

Codename: Centauri B451

Colony Rush B564, B628

Companion's Tale R380, R477, R623

Conspiracy! B164, B315

Couples Story Game R311, R589

Crazy 8's R186, R336, R478

Creating Space to Bring the Sexy D087

Creativity In Business: Pixar's Success and Lessons For Tabletop Publishing D069

Crossing Over: An Exploration of Different Fields of Game Design D070

Cultural Mechanics Roundtable D058

Cupcake Clash B295

Cutthroat Caverns B586

Cutthroat Kitchen B296

Cyber Infiltration Hotsheet: Prepping to GM a Cyberheist D038

Data Duel B165, B452, B498

DDOS Dice B453

Designing For Disability Access D021

Designing With Production in Mind D078

Desolate Front B350, B393, B454

Dialect R229, R381, R427, R590

Digital Marketing in the Gaming Industry D097

Doomsday Clock B351

Drafting: The Drafting Game B166, B400

Dreamdiver R337, R382

Dresden Files Co-Op Card Game B167, B316, B455, B606

Effective Settings and Scenarios D083

Emily Is Probably Dead By Now B105, B499

Enemy Anemone B125, B534

Epiphany R428

Everyone's a Suspect R146, R230, R383, R479

Evil Wizard Scavenger Hunt B456

Experiences in Crowdfunding D062

Fair Pay for Game Creatives D037

Fallen Worlds R231

Family Band R147, R384, R480

Fate Core R345, R528

Fate of the Galaxy R232, R283

Ferryman's Toll R429

Fiasco Live D081

Fictional Cartography D072

Fiddle of Gold B106, B258, B317, B500, B565

Finding the Enthusiastic "YES" in Design: Boundary Settings & Consent D014

Fisherman's Wife R471

Fog of War B187, B284, B430, B521

Food Truck Destruction Derby B206, B535

Force B297, B318, B401, B607

Formalizing Your Game Business D011

Forthright Open Role Play R233, R285, R338, R481, R591

Framed B126

Frat Boy Brewing B107, B259, B352, B566

Frozen Explorer Return Service B353, B536, B629

Game Distribution and Retail: How It Works D066

Game Mechanics as Social Engineering & Social Engineering as Game Design D030

Game Production Q&A D095

Game To Game: Converting Between Systems D050

Gaming As Old People: Support Group D056

Gaming the Future: Putting the Science Fiction in SFRPGs D086

Get Ready to Rock R234, R522

GET9 R115

Ghost Story R148, R339

Gigargun: The Monster World RPG R482, R567

Glitzy Nails L113, L333

GMing Outside Your Comfort Zone D060

GMing Workshop: Tips, Tricks and Advice D052

Gnosis Conflict B501, B537

Goat Song R188, R592

Golden Cobra Announcement D008

Grabass B298

Granddaughters of Ripley: What Comes After Furiosa and Genisys Sarah D013

Gravstrike B568

Guerilla Game Design: Building With Speed D046

Gumboot R431

Heart of Bronze R235, R483

Heartcatcher B319, B608

Hearts Blazing R250, R624

Hedgemaze B127, B260, B457, B630

Help, I'm Making My First Game! D009

Helping Stores Sell Your Game D006

Here. Me. Now. L307

Highlandia B128, B402

Horde B458, B502, B631

Hounded B261, B320

How to Collaborate and Keep Your Friends D079

How To Give and Take Critique D005

How To Work With Artists D027

How to Write a Cthulhu Scenario D084

Huts B299, B403

Illustrators' Workshop D091

Imperial Duty R149, R625

In Production R150

Individual Voice in RPG Design D029

Inferno Belt B168, B321

Interstellar Interventions R286, R385, R432

Investigate & Prosecute B404

It Figures B322

J'Accuse!/Relic Hunters B405, B503

Jurassic Arms Race B207, B406

Kahl'Shera B538

Kensei L118, L392

Kickstarter 101 D002

King Hedron B354, B609

Kismet Dice B129, B610

Knight Shift B323

Kobolds B208, B355, B539

Laban for LARPers L143

Lagerheads B324, B407, B540

Lair B262, B356, B459, B569

LARP Creation 101 D067

LARP Storytelling Workshop D088

Laser Kittens R151, R433

Lean Coffee D001, D044, D085

Learn From My Mistakes D053

Les JdR au Canada D080

Let Me Math It For You D016

Loading Zone B130, B169, B408, B611

Lost in R'lyeh B131, B504

Love and Betrayal L375

Lovecraft WTF, Part II D040

Making Your Best Pitch D041

Masks R291, R529, R597

Matters Of Scale: Running A Small Gaming Business D063

May I Introduce You? D028

Merchants of Araby B357

Metalfest B132, B209, B358, B460

Mick & Jared's RPG Combat R152, R484, R638

Mighty Sea Heroes! R153

Mill City B246, B541, B632

Mind, Body, Soul B210

Mobile-Ize Your Role Playing Game D003

Monsters R116, R236

Movie Buff B263, B300, B359, B461, B542

Narrative Simulationism: Accounting For Everything Without Prescription D022

Nearly Departed B170, B409

Nementia: A World of Steam R237, R523, R626

Nemesis 382: The Point of No Return R189, R524

Nevermore B142, B373

Nitrate City R238

Noir World: The Angels Sing At Midnight R190, R434

Noirlandia R386

Nova6 R435, R525, R593

NPC (Noisy Person Cards) B133, B505

Nubian Kings B108, B171, B211, B325, B410

Of Orks And Men R158, R347

Once Upon a Time B279, B555

One Card Wonder B326, B462

Operatic R340

Operation Smash B463

Organized Play and Shared-World Role Playing D090

Orphanage of Fear B301, B543

Paganism in RPGs D042

Panda Craves Danger B264, B464, B544, B612

Passages: Natty Bumpo! B265, B411

Patreon 101 D032

Patterns, Numbers, and Shapes in LARP Design D048

Penguinscape B570

Picnic in the Dog Park L556

Pillar of Fire R154, R287

Piratocracy: A Commonwealth of Thieves B266, B571

Planet Movers B360

Playing and Designing at the Intersections: Creating Good Allyship D071

Playing Nature's Year R191, R485

Plot Twist B212, B267, B412, B506

Podcasting 101 D007

Pounding Pavement B109, B572

Prism R192, R486

Prize Fighter B172, B573

Project Budgeting For Tabletop Games D054

Promoting Your Game Through Podcasting and Other Media D068

Psychic Detective Agency L183

Publishing Workflow D096

Puppy Dogs from Space B413

Queer Games: For Ourselves and Our Communities D026

Quiet War B110, B213, B361, B465

Radical Saga: World of Aluria R193, R558, R627

Raid on Gingerbread Lane B545

Recycle! Using Material From Other Games Ethically and Effectively D023

Roadtrip! B134, B214, B362, B507

Run Away!! B173, B215, B363, B414

Running a KristaCon for Fun and Profit D035

Salvage B135, B268, B327, B508

Samurai World R341, R487, R594

Sanity Points in Horror D017

Sawbones: A Card Game of Misguided Medicine B415

Seco Creek Vigilance Committee R288, R595

Secrets of the Lost Tomb B181, B374

Sentencing Day R194, R488

Sentinel Comics RPG R156, R244, R391, R441, R491, R559

Service R239, R387

Shadow of the Century R289, R342

Shadow Strike Ninja Combat B174, B269, B509, B546, B613

Shame L334

Sharpshire B136, B364, B547, B614

Shouting Into The Void: How To Make A Better Blog D064

Showdown R489

Shyft B216, B574

SkyReign B328, B416, B615

Slash: A Romantic Companion B510

Slayer Cake L425

Smallball B270

Space Station Vacation B417, B548

Spellbound R436

Spiders & Spymasters B271, B365, B466

Splatterbomb B217, B418, B511, B575

Starjump Chronicles R437, R526, R639

Starship Freeform L308

Strip Mining History for Fun and Profit D100

Structuring Game Text D077

Successfully Designing With Loved Ones D033

Sugarplum Chronicles B218, B366, B561, B616

Sultana B219, B329, B576

Sumer B175, B272, B549, B577

Superhero Games Across the Multiverse D092

Support Signals: An Attempt to Address Challenges of Support and Safety Techniques L225, L518

Surveillance State B220, B273, B419, B512

Suspiriorum L184, L472

Talk With Board Game Designer LIVE D075

Ten (More) Ways To Make Your Rulebook Awesome D065

The Art of Strategic Stealth Warfare B578

The Artist's Process D098

The Blood of an Englishman B467

The Call R343

The Cinematic Plays D057

The Clinic R388

The Dodge City Library R117, R155, R344

The Golden Cobra Contest Winner Showcase L185, L473, L587

The Horned God R312, R527

THE INTREPID SEVEN: Diary of a Septad L226

The Island B137

The METATOPIA 2015 Game Jam D073

The Musical Mystery Mansion R195

The Nerd Fountain Live Podcast D034

The Networks B138, B302, B617

The New World R157, R598

The Pack R640

The Perfected City R438

The Plot Thickens B139, B420, B513, B579

The Shame Of Creation: Internalized Sexism Intersections with Gaming and Fanfiction D010

The Zipang B580, B633

This is Your Life? L621

This Means SWAR! B176, B514

Threadbare RPG R240, R490

Three Short Games About Waking L227

Time Capers R596

Titans of Empyrean B421, B550, B581

Tonight's Top Story B221, B468, B634

Top Secret From Essen B111, B140, B177, B222, B274, B303, B330, B367, B422, B469, B515, B551, B582, B618

Topexx Dominion B178, B304, B331, B635

Transitioning Tabletop to Live Theater D074

Treads R389, R599

Treehoppers B305, B368, B583, B636

Turn Your Hobby Podcast into a Career D039

Two Player Board Games - Peaks and Pitfalls D059

U Mad Bro? B552

Unicoroner: Harvest of Souls B369, B423

Unknown Armies R390

Urban Shadows R394

Using Technology in Your Role Playing Game D099

ValorQuest B275, B370, B516, B619

Velvet Glove R196

Vergency R159, R245

Verminopolis B179, B223, B470, B517

Waiting For Slenderman L309

War Birds L228, L376, L426, L474, L557, L622

Warlords B276, B424

Warmup and Improv Exercises For Your Game D047

Westerly B180, B306, B371

What An Editor Can Do For You D101

Why Do You Hate Your Readers or Players? D089

Will That Be All? L335

With Great Power... R197, R442

Wizard Town R241, R290

Word Nerds B112, B277, B332, B553, B637

Words Versus Numbers D093

Working With Artists 101 D004

Worst. Day. Ever. B554

Writing a Rulebook For Your Board Game D020

Writing Workshop and Publishing Q&A D036

XYZ B372, B620

You're Fired! B224, B584

Your Game as a Product D045

Zero Day War B141, B278, B585

Zombie World R242, R346, R439

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