Introducing the North American Gaming Alliance (NAGA), a NEW organization devoted to promoting the love of the ongoing Role Playing Campaign in all shapes and forms.

NAGA will debut at DEXCON 8 (July 13 - 17, 2005) with SIX Role Playing Campaigns:

A d20 Campaign from Ribhian Games, LLC

A d20 Campaign from Universe Construction Company

Xeno-Competitive Role Playing Classics

A d20 Campaign from Art Lobdell

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel RPG Campaign from Sword and Shield Studios

Skeletal Closets

A CyberGeneration Campaign from Firestorm, Ink

A Mutant Chronicles Campaign from Universe Construction Company
NAGA's objective is to provide top-quality modules from these and other Campaigns (as it grows) to science fiction and gaming conventions across the United States and Canada, at no cost to conventions or attendees. Regular Membership in NAGA is FREE, but we are offering an Annual GOLD Membership for $20.00, which includes an official NAGA T-shirt (with Lissanne Lakešs original artwork), plus special discounts throughout the year at participating conventions running NAGA Campaigns.

All NAGA Members are eligible for prizes and special promotions as well as the opportunity to play in some of the best role playing campaigns in North America!

During the next few months, supporting conventions and new campaigns will be announced at our permanent web site, which is under construction at

For now, please join the new announcement list for all up-to-date information:

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