The National Macintosh Gaming Championship

1998 Results

Following are the results of the National Macintosh Gaming Championship, managed by Double Exposure at MACWORLD Expo New York.

A view of the entrance to the hottest area at MACWORLD Expo New York!

The pile of prizes - over $15,000 ready for the winners!

The MESA store, which was 5 patrons deep throughout the entire show!

Edward Lin, having already won the Duke Nukem 3D Championship, concentrates on Quake!

Doug Zartman from Bungie Software, along with several dozen other spectators, watches the excitement of the MYTH final round!

Jason Shapiro, MYTH National Champion.

Edward Lin, Duke Nukem 3D & Quake National Champion.

Alexander Carter & Devin Riley, MYTH Team National Champions.

Carrington Vanston & Jacob Fisher, Duke Nukem 3D Team National Champions.

Brian Pemberton & Chris Keander, Quake Team National Champions.

Paul Hibbert, Ares & F/A-18 Korea National Champion.

Syvain-Pierre Dobrzynski, Bonkheads National Champion.

Lev Piatigorsky, Carmageddon National Champion.

Chuck Pierce, Cobra Gunship National Champion.

Mark Nicholas, Gridz National Champion.

Jason R. Parry, Marathon National Champion.

Andy Nelson, Mars Rising National Champion.

For more information, send eMail to: Vincent Salzillo, President, Double Exposure, Inc.