Double Exposure, Inc. and IDG Expo Management Company

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The National Macintosh Gaming Championship - 1999 Series

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Updated 8/2/99

MACWORLD Expo San Francisco 2000 MACWORLD Expo San Francisco 2000
January 5 - 8, 2000 - Moscone Convention Center
MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco is the largest Mac-focused event on the West Coast.

Coverage of the National Macintosh Gaming Championship and MACWORLD New

Ross Wigdor, the Grand National Champion

 Grand National Champion Ross Wigdor (right side of photo), here shaking hands with Double Exposure president Vinny Salzillo. Ross won a GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE worth $5,000 by winning three tournaments in New York this year!

Onward to San Francisco!

Join us for the ultimate Macintosh Gaming event! Dozens of companies and hundreds of participants will attend MACWORLD San Francisco in January, 2000 to be a part of the National Macintosh Gaming Championship and Exhibition!

See all of the latest Mac products from all of your favorite Mac publishers, and enter the championship, if you dare...running on the latest Apple hardware and BSG Laboratories Intensor Sensory Gaming System 108 decibel chairs, the hottest games will be played in bone-crunching head-to-head format while the audience watches. Champions will walk away with HUNDREDS of dollars worth of new games and hardware.

PLUS, ANY participant who wins three or more single-player tournaments (team tournaments excluded) at the 1999 National Macintosh Gaming Championship in San Francisco will win a $5,000 GIANT GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE, consisting of: A Power Macintosh Computer with a 17" Monitor, a BSG Laboratories Intensor Sensory Gaming System WITH Subwoofer, and an all-expenses paid trip (some restrictions apply) to MACWORLD New York to compete in the second half of the 2000 National Championship, including airfare, hotel and admission to exhibits!

Watch this space for registration instructions in October 1999!

If you call yourself a Mac gamer, DON'T MISS THIS EVENT!

The following companies contributed to making the National Macintosh Gaming Champions