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The National Macintosh Gaming Championship - 1999 Series

Updated 2/13/99

Alley 19 Bowling (Masque Publishing)

Ryan Vesler (right) shown here with Michael Merson from Masque Publishing.

Astrorock 2000 (Logicware)

Michael Garrison (right), the Grand National Champion, after winning the first of his three tournaments.

Bonkheads Deluxe (Aspyr Media)

Michael Holley (left) accepting his certificate from Aspyr's Jeff Baietto.

Carmageddon (Aspyr Media)

Aspyr's president, Ted Staloch, congratulates champion Alex Handy (right).

Civilization II (MacSoft)

Ben Earhart (left) after a grueling 3-hour battle, having been crowned Civilization master by Nate Birkholz.

Dark Vengeance (MacSoft)

Al Schilling from MacSoft shakes hands with Tim Gonsalves (right) after winning one of our newest tournaments.

Duke Nukem 3D (MacSoft)

Michael Garrison (right) after winning his third tournament.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (Logicware)

Alex Handy (right), after a masterful session with the bunny.

Killing Time (Logicware)

Steve Parsons from Logicware presents a championship certificate to an elated Kent Hull (left).

Lode Runner 2 (MacSoft)

Jim Fielder in one of his more excited moods.

Marathon (Bungie Software)

Doug Zartman hands off the Marathon crown to Michael Garrison (right), for the second of his three wins. Michael is an old-time Marathon player, and had been a legend to many network players under the alias "Cybernator".

Master of Orion II (MacSoft)

Erwin Haag, after conquering the universe.

MYTH: The Fallen Lords (Bungie Software)

Here we see an elated Mark MacEwan (left) receiving his award after winning one of our toughest tournaments. The awarder is none other than Tuncer Deniz, the project leader of MYTH II.

MYTH II: Soulblighter (Bungie Software)

Tuncer Deniz also presents a certificate to a grinning Jose Miguel Chavez (left).

Quake (MacSoft)

Chris Hillar (right) receives his award from Nate Birkholz after winning the most watched and most exciting tournament of the entire championship.

Shattered Steel (Logicware)

Chris Hillar (right) also won this tournament earlier in the championship. Note that he needed glasses for this one.

Tempest 2000 (Logicware)

Atari fans take heart! The Tempest 2000 tournament was a surprise success at the National Championship, gathering a huge crowd to watch Zack Stern (right) win by a slight margin over his tough competitors.

Tomb Raider II (Aspyr Media)

Kent Hull (left) wins his second tournament after guiding Lara Croft to a decisively prominent position.

Unreal (MacSoft)

Cindy Swanson, marketing manager for MacSoft, hands over the crown to Arthur De La Cueva (left), who won the flagship tournament of the National Macintosh Championship.

Yoot Tower (Sega Software)

Proud presenters from Sega surround Ben Earhart (middle) who won the very first tournament of the championship (as well as a later one).

Marathon TEAM (Bungie Software)

Fred Torres (left) and Scott Janssen (right) receive their awards from Bungie's Doug Zartman.

MYTH: The Fallen Lords TEAM (Bungie Software)

The proud team of Mark MacEwan (left) and Jose Miguel Chavez (right) after winning a brief but exciting final round.

MYTH II: Soulblighter TEAM (Bungie Software)

Tuncer Deniz is seen here with the winning team, Peter Ferioli (left) and Kenneth Badertscher (right).

Quake TEAM (MacSoft)

A somewhat mismatched Quake team, Bradley Dutton (left) and Reed Waller (right), are shown here with MacSoft's Al Schilling. Believe it or not, Al does have more than one facial expression, really!

Unreal TEAM (MacSoft)

Al Schilling also had the pleasure of crowning Chris Priebe (left) and Chris Hillar (right). Apparently Chris needed his glasses for this tournament as well.

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