Double Exposure, Inc. and IDG Expo Management Company

are proud to present

The National Macintosh Gaming Championship - 2000 Series

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Coverage of the National Macintosh Gaming Championship and MACWORLD San

Registration is now closed. We still have slots available for selected tournaments. To register, come to the Info booth of the Gaming Area at MACWORLD. Happy New Year to everyone, and we look forward to seeing you all at MACWORLD SF 2000!

Last Updated: 12/29/99

Read the rules of the Championship!
Starcraft (Blizzard Entertainment)
Quake III (Activision)
Quake II (Activision)
Quake (MacSoft)
Unreal Tournament (MacSoft)
Unreal (MacSoft)
Diablo (Blizzard Entertainment)
MYTH II: Soulblighter (Bungie Software)
Marathon Infinity (Bungie Software)
Warcraft II Platinum (Blizzard Entertainment)
Warcraft II Platinum TEAM (Blizzard Entertainment)
MYTH II TEAM (Bungie Software)
Quake TEAM (Macsoft)
Unreal TEAM (MacSoft)
Starcraft TEAM (Blizzard Entertainment)
Quake II TEAM (Activision)
Unreal Tournament TEAM (MacSoft)
Marathon Infinity TEAM (Bungie Software)
Civilization II Gold (MacSoft)
Age of Empires (MacSoft)
Dark Vengeance (MacSoft)
Carmageddon (Aspyr Media)
Tomb Raider III (Aspyr Media)
Total Annihiliation (MacSoft)
Rainbow Six (MacSoft)
Descent 3 (Graphic Simulations)
F/A-18 Korea (Graphic Simulations)
Madden NFL 2000 (Aspyr Media)
Lode Runner II (MacSoft)
Galactic Patrol (Monkey Byte Development)
Galactica: anno Dominari (Monkey Byte Development)
Project Magellan (Monkey Byte Development)