at 2:00PM - 8:00PM, Friday, July 5, 2013

After an Eighteen Year Absence, Double Exposure Rebuilds the Legendary Models That Helped Launch The ARENA!

Twenty players will take part in the recreation of the World-Famous OGRE Macrotures Battles of 1994 - 1995 on the incredible 50' x 20' ARENA!

Using Steve Jackson Games' NEW Sixth Edition rules, players will use dozens of beautifully detailed 1/40th scale macrotures with enough firepower to take out a small city. But will they stand a chance against the humongous OGRE mk V - a gargantuan mobile fortress that has been scratch built for this debut event at over 2 feet long?

Steve Jackson himself will oversee the first full-scale OGRE Macrotures battle of the 21st century, along with Daniel Jew, the current Ogre Line Editor for Steve Jackson Games. Join us and be a part of gaming history!

This event will be simulcast LIVE to the rest of the convention and to the entire internet via direct feed provided by Bacon Ice Cream Productions.

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