at 10:00AM - 4:00PM, Saturday, July 5, 2014

An Inaugural Chronos-System Live Role Playing Event
presented by Nerdy City

It's 2023 and the Jaeger Program is already in peril. Authorities cite the fall of Gipsy Danger in Anchorage against the deadly Catgory 3 Kaiju Knifehead as a example of the failure of the Jaeger program. However, In the Pacific Northwest, The Sea-Tac Shatterdome Outpost has learned that the Breach is dilating, and the world's first Category 4 Kaiju, Codename: Tiburon, is heading straight for Seattle. The Miracle Mile is in peril. Their finest Jaeger, the Mark 3 juggernaut known as Bedlam Armada, is being sent to fight the beast, but no other Jaegers are available. The Mark 1 Jaeger Echo Thunderhead lies in pieces around the Shatterdome as it is being repaired, but piloting the old thing is a deadly proposition. Vancouvers' Shatterdome is sending the Mark 3 Falcon Chevalier as fast as they can, but due to the storms it could be valuable hours - hours Seattle doesn't have.

The pilots of Bedlam Armada are counting on you - they'll need every single department of the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps operating at peak efficiency to win. There's a threat uncoiling in the Shatterdome, though. The rumors of the presence of an extremist Kaiju-Worshipping terrorist group, the dread Gu Chongbai, has internal security putting a lockdown on the edifice, trapping military personal, scientists, and refugees within until the threat is abated. Meanwhile, the Miracle Mile off Seattle's coast is woefully under-protected, and only time will tell if Tiburon will leave anything - or anyone - standing. character creation can be done before game at event L0009: The LARP Bazaar (Wednesday Night at 10:00PM).

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