America Plays Again!

Wednesday, July 14 - Sunday, July 18, 2004

at the East Brunswick Hilton
in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Rogue Trader Tournament Guidelines

Updated 5/19/04

The Double Exposure Summer Warhammer Fantasy Championship
Friday, July 16, 2004 - 8:00PM-2:00AM

You must create an army of no more than 1,500 points with the standard restrictions found in each Warhammer Armies book.

Warhammer Annual 2002 will be in use. In addition, Warhammer Chronicles 2003 will be in use with the following exceptions. Rules marked "Optional," "not official," or for War of the Beard will not be in use.

The following publications and articles will be in use:

  • All released Army Books
  • Ravening Hordes for armies without released army books or an updated White Dwarf article.
  • White Dwarf Articles
    252- Ravening Hordes update (Chaos Dwarfs)
    258- Dark Elf Watchtower army
    264- Warhammer Chronicles (Magic Lore Changes)
    274- Beasts of Chaos
    274- Rules Clarifications
  • Warhammer Chronicles 2004: Wood Elf List
  • Warhammer Chronicles 2003 except the following articles:
    Goblin Ecology
    War of the Beard
  • Warhammer Annual 2002 except the following articles:
    The Big Bash

The Double Exposure Summer Warhammer 40,000 Championship
Sunday, July 18, 2004 - 10:00AM-6:00PM

  • You must create an army of no more than 1,500 points with one standard mission Force Detachment. No Special Characters.
  • You must use the most recent Codex Rules for the army (e.g. the new Chaos Codex).
  • Chapter Approved, Index Astartes, and Imperial Armour books will be used with the following exception: Rules marked "Optional" will not be in use (e.g. no Super Heavy Vehicles and no Flyers).
  • The updated Close Combat rules will be in use. These can be found in Chapter Approved II.
  • Specific zone fighting rules will not be in effect - including Jungle Fighting and City Fighting.
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