In 1994, Double Exposure announced the creation of a new concept in gaming and gaming conventions: The Avatar System. A new convention called DREAMATION was born, and scheduled for January of 1995. This convention would form the annual basis of the Avatar System, and would begin a live role playing game of epic proportions. The rules allowed for character creation and facilitated a complex game which continued after DREAMATION was over. The game was a hit with players, and both DREAMATION and the Avatar System became well known as an extra-special experience on the East Coast.

The Avatar System has evolved over the last eight years, and many new features have been added, such as the Bazaar, the monetary system, new venues, new role playing concepts and the addition of several staff members to enhance the role playing experience. However, one thing became very clear: The Avatar System, which was originally designed as a supplemental addition to a gaming convention, has gone far beyond its original boundaries. In 1998, many of its core players noted that older rules designed around DREAMATION were no longer needed, and perhaps it was time to rework the system altogether to fit the more mature and experienced players who have been devoted to it for many years.

Hence, the work you are reading. This set of rules is a complete rewrite of the original Avatar System, and will begin a new era in the evolution of Double Exposure and the Avatar players. Whereas the system's components were spread out among several elements in the past, this work is meant to be a complete record of the new Avatar System, including reference to all of the Skills and Powers available. In the future, Double Exposure will release revisions to these rules and additions (or, if needed, changes) to the Skills and Powers presented in the appendices.

The rules presented in this work are meant to be the totality of the Avatar System. Under no circumstances are any of the rules or concepts which were in effect under the older system meant to be "assumed". Any information presented here which contradicts or conflicts with prior information, in written, oral or "folklore" form will supercede the older information. In addition, any information presented in this work which is missing, confusing, contradictory or otherwise unclear, will be corrected with subsequent revisions; players should never fall back to older rules, even if they seem to answer a problem, unless specifically authorized by a Double Exposure official (administrator or gamemaster).

The Avatar System is now a completely independent entity, and while future Double Exposure conventions and events will feature Nexus action, the system has now matured to the point where all players, new or old, will be able to enjoy it anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances.

As a final note, please remember that the Avatar System is a work of fiction. It is not meant to represent any person or persons, living or dead, in any way, nor is it meant to offend any ethnic or religious group. The concepts presented herein are necessary for the enjoyment and understanding of the game and are not meant to dispute any personal belief or ethic of any reader.

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