The Nexus

Reality as we know it is far more complex than can ever be imagined by any entity. Many citizens of reality have envisioned a "creator" or "God" (and in some cases more than one) who watches over all. Others subscribe to a theory of complete randomness and chaos, portraying "life" and "intelligence" as a complete accident. Most have come to accept the idea that reality has no beginning and no end, although the concept of "infinity" is so hard to grasp that it is beyond the reach of most.

Most of these citizens create their own frame of reference purely to maintain their sense of self-importance. The truth is so overwhelmingly alien to most citizens that it cannot be accepted, because once accepted a citizen can never again return to their safe, observable frame of reference. We say "most", because there are a very few citizens of reality who have learned the truth, usually by accident, and have abandoned their frame of reference. You are one of those citizens. You are one of the few who accidentally "fell" into the Nexus.

Reality is made up of an infinite number of universes and an infinite amount of time. Each moment of each universe is made up of an infinite number of permutations. We call this the "Multiverse". The Multiverse is made up of pure energy - an energy which is undefinable and will never be quite understood. This energy is in and of itself its own creator in an infinitely repeating loop. In other words, the Multiverse created itself and all of its elements, and in turn, its creation created the creator. While there are entities known as "deities" in many universes and in many time frames, they in turn are all creations of the Multiverse.

The energy of the Multiverse takes an infinite variety of forms. Sometimes it is solid and follows certain rules which are called "laws of physics". Sometimes it is fluid and becomes a random collection of elements which change every moment of their existence. Sometimes the energy remains ethereal, existing only as something non-visible and non-tangible. And only under the right circumstances does it allow for the creation of intelligence and "life" as we know it.

Each infinite universe has its own unique frame of reference. Sometimes this frame of reference is obvious, such as physical manifestation of elements which form more complex structures, living or inanimate. Other times, this frame of reference is outlandish, following no rules other than the thought processes of its inhabitants. As a general rule, a frame of reference in one universe is not understood (and sometimes not even perceived) by another universe. Yet all frames of reference and in fact, all universes are made of the same energy of the Multiverse.

On rare occasions, two or more universes get crossed (usually temporarily), and inhabitants of one universe are given a glimpse into an alternate form of the energy of the Multiverse (this usually results in very strange occurrences which remain unexplained to the majority of inhabitants in each universe). Sometimes when this happens, it is even possible for the inhabitant of one universe to enter a different one. But the energy of the Multiverse is constantly changing, and the forms it takes to create what we know as intelligent life is fleeting. Generally, an intelligent inhabitant's energy is released and reformed, resulting in the inhabitant's "death". So it is very rare indeed that any inhabitant would ever find a way back to its original universe, much less a third.

But while the Multiverse has the occasional leak or rift between its universes, this is not the way it maintains its consistency. While there is no actual "center" to infinity, there is a point in time and reality which connects to every other moment and location in the Multiverse. This point is called the Nexus. There is no explanation for the Nexus, any more than there is an explanation for reality. It simply exists. The Nexus is an entity and not an entity. Its intelligence is the intelligence of the Multiverse itself, and as explained above, while it can be said that the Multiverse created the Nexus, it can also be said that the Nexus created the Multiverse and so forth.

The Nexus is infinitely large, of course, and it is made of pure Multiversal energy. Since it connects to every other location in the Multiverse, inhabitants of those other locations sometimes find their way into it. When this happens, those inhabitants become pure energy, and are reformed in the Nexus. However, in order for energy to maintain any form in the Multiverse, it must have a frame of reference, and the intelligence which was formed with the energy of the inhabitant must successfully adapt to the Nexus in time to save itself. If an inhabitant ever loses its frame of reference, its energy is released and it ceases to exist in any capacity.

More often than not, inhabitants cannot reform their frame of reference, and they quickly fade from reality. But there are those inhabitants whose energy is strong enough for them to recreate their existence, and they are able to join the community of the Nexus. This community is infinitely diverse, yet allows for each individual frame of reference to interact. When an inhabitant successfully joins the community, it is transformed into an "Avatar". Although Avatars DO have specific genders, in the interest of identifying Avatars as intelligent entities, we will henceforth refer to them as "he". Please substitute "he or she" when appropriate.

Theoretically, an Avatar is made of pure energy and can actually form and reform in any way he likes. However, due to the Multiverse's only rule of nature - the frame of reference rule - an Avatar must maintain his general form and substance in order to survive. In rare cases, an Avatar has become so powerful that he can expand his horizons beyond his frame of reference, but as a general rule, an Avatar's energy becomes whatever he was in his prior universe.

Energy in the Multiverse is infinitely dense or sparse. In other words, there is no measurement of how much energy it takes to form an inhabitant in any given frame of reference, so we are only able to measure energy relative to itself. Avatars have varying levels of energy, and when they begin their existence in the Nexus (which requires a minimum level of energy to even accomplish), they are too weak to be able to manifest all of their former characteristics (indeed, it takes all of their initial energy to hold their form together). In time, Avatars increase the amount of energy they can manage and they grow in power and skill until they match (and in many cases, exceed) their prior existence from whatever universe they are from. Sometimes they apply their growing energy to increase their characteristics and other times they use it to master new characteristics.

The Nexus allows all frames of reference to exist simultaneously. Of course, the Nexus is perceived differently by every Avatar. Yet they are all able to exist and communicate because of the equalizing nature of the Nexus, and because of this Avatars have a complete political, economic and social structure. We must understand that in the infinity of the Nexus there exist Avatars whose frame of reference is so alien to the others that they cannot partake in any of this structure. However, it is generally accepted that the explanations which follow pertain to the majority of Avatars, and should be understood as the "central" structure of the Nexus.

The Nexus holds many secrets, not the least of which is the nature of its own existence in the Multiverse. While most Avatars understand the concepts given in this section, there are of course an infinite number of things that they do not understand. The longer an Avatar stays in the Nexus, the more he learns and understands. But of course, new aspects of the Nexus and new concepts are being discovered constantly, and the only thing that Avatars can ever be assured of is that they are a part of the most fundamental part of the Multiverse.

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