Creating an Avatar

Now that you have an understanding of the Nexus and its place in the Multiverse, it is time to create a new Avatar to enjoy it. There are three simple steps to creating an Avatar: Make your Genre selection, name your character, and start thinking about his history. All you need to submit to Double Exposure is your Genre choice, your gender and your name. The history of your Avatar is up to you to develop and role play during the course of the character's lifetime.

The Genre selection represents the frame of reference from which your Avatar comes - it is the only thing about your character that you cannot change, because it forms the basis of his existence. If you decide that you do not like the Genre(s) you have chosen, you are always free to retire your Avatar and start a new one with a new Genre selection (also, when you reach 10th level, you are able to create a second character). Genres are explained in detail later.

Once you have made your choices, you will be issued a temporary (unlaminated) Character Card (CC). The receipt of your temporary CC is the beginning of your life as an Avatar. It is assumed that you have just arrived in the Nexus and that you have just established your frame of reference. Hence, you are basically powerless to do anything other than "exist", and begin communicating with the rest of the Nexus. We call this state "Level 0", because all of the basic Statistics which make up your character are set to their lowest level (a value of 1), and you are unable to affect the rest of the Nexus in any way other than communication. You will be able to Journey as a Level 0 Avatar, but the Nexus will store your rewards until you begin at Level 1.

You may stay a Level 0 Avatar for as long as you'd like, but your character cannot evolve until you make two choices which will turn you into a Level 1 Avatar. First, you need to choose which House you will belong to. This is not a permanent choice, but it is necessary before you continue. An Avatar of Level 1 and higher must always belong to a House. The House you belong to will grant you a free low-level Skill (explained later), and this will be the only Skill that you can use until you advance to Level 2. Houses will be explained in detail in a later section.

Second, you need to allocate your starting Ability Points into your Primary Stats. The number of Ability Points you receive depends on your Genre selection. As a Level 1 Avatar, you are not yet eligible to choose any Powers or Skills (explained later). Your Level 0 Avatar had 1 point in each of the eight Primary Stats, and you must now use all of the Ability Points available to enhance the Primary Stats as you see fit. At this time, you will begin on the path to character recovery, which will be further developed as you advance in the Nexus.

This information should be given to Double Exposure, and we will proceed with your new, laminated Character Card identifying you as a Level 1 Avatar. You are now ready to receive rewards from the Nexus and you are able to affect other Avatars physically and mentally. You will also receive 10 Nexus Credits (explained later). Finally, you are able to use your House Button (explained later) and your Action Cards (explained later).

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