The Character Card

The laminated Character Card (CC) is the official record of your Avatar, and must be presented to other Avatars during actions and to Double Exposure officials when necessary. You cannot interact in any way with the Nexus unless you are in possession of your CC. Since it is laminated, you will not be able to write changes on it. Instead, there are two ways that it can be modified.

First, every number represented on the CC is in a box which is the exact size of a small white label (available in sheets from Double Exposure) which can be stuck on it to keep track of temporary changes to your Avatar. When those temporary changes are no longer relevant, simply remove the label and reveal the permanent number underneath.

Next, there is a section on your character sheet where "deaths" are recorded (explained later). When your Avatar is "killed" in the Nexus, a hole will be punched out of this area to indicate a "death", and these "deaths" will carry penalties when your character reaches his next Level.

The CC has sections for Primary Stats, Secondary Stats, Skills and Powers (all explained later). Note that Skills and Powers will be shown with titles only, and may be referenced in the appropriate appendices in these rules (or in the case of Lords who have created custom Skills and Powers, on separate reference sheets). The CC also shows the Avatar's name, Genre(s), gender, and Level. Shown under the Level is the number of Experience Points (EP) necessary to advance to the next Level. Items are never shown on your CC. An Avatar's House is not shown on the CC, but he must always represent himself properly by wearing the correct House Button while he is in character.

The CC also has a section called "Inherent Disadvantages", which may list numerical values which must be subtracted from Items or other special effects before they can be taken into account in a given situation. The four Stats which may be listed here are: OR, DR, IN and LIFE; if nothing is listed here, there are no disadvantages.

Damaged or lost CCs can be replaced by Double Exposure at any time, but please remember that you are not able to have ANY effect on the Nexus (including communicating in character with other Avatars) unless you are in possession of your CC. In fact, you are not even able to wear a House Button unless you are in your possession of your CC (this ensures that you do not falsely provoke a combat or other Action which you are ineligible to get involved with).

Note that you are never obligated to show your CC to any other Avatar unless a game mechanic action which needs the card is performed. Then you are obligated to show your CC only to the Avatars who are involved with that mechanic at that time.

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