Primary Stats

There are eight Primary Stats in the Avatar System, representing the makeup of your character. Each of these Primary Stats has a minimum value of 1, and theoretically, no maximum value. We say theoretically, because there is a restriction on the allocation of points, and it has to do with the most important Stat, Energy (ENE).

ENE is a measure of your Avatar's actual existence in the Nexus. Avatars with higher ENE values are able to do more in the Nexus and with more power. ENE can be considered the raw power from which all other Avatar manifestations evolve (remember that all Powers in the Nexus are simply a result of perception from other frames of reference).

Because of this, there is a restriction that no other Primary Stat can be higher than the ENE Stat, although any other Stat can equal it. If you wish to raise another Stat higher than your current ENE, you must raise your ENE first. This applies even to Terran characters who do not specifically USE the ENE Stat.

The other seven Primary Stats form the basis of your raw abilities in the Nexus. They are as follows:

Strength (STR): A measure of how physically strong you are. How much you can lift, how much you can push, how hard you punch, etc.

Intelligence (INT): A measure of how much knowledge you have accumulated, and how much you can remember. INT is also used to calculate resistance to suggestion by virtue of knowledge (for example the disbelief of an illusion), and it helps to determine how well you are able to use your mind to affect things around you.

Cunning (CUN): A measure of how well you apply common sense in your decision making. While INT shows how much knowledge you have, CUN shows how well you can use that knowledge to help you.

Agility (AGI): A measure of how fast and dexterous you are. AGI is used to calculate how quickly you can get out of the way of an incoming attack and how fast you can react to the situation around you. AGI is also a measure of raw agility, such as the ability to perform very complex maneuvers.

Constitution (CON): A measure of how physically tough you are. CON is used to calculate how much damage you can take before you collapse, as well as how much punishment you can undergo before being significantly weakened.

Charm (CHA): A measure of how physically and mentally attractive you are, and how well you can influence people around you. CHA is used in several mental calculations because it is a significant indication of how your frame of reference interacts with others, as well as your mental willpower.

Luck (LUC): A measure of how lucky you are, and how often chance seems to favor you. As your LUC is raised, it has a direct effect on the random occurrences inherent in every Action your Avatar takes.

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