Houses and the Council

The political structure of the Nexus centers around 15 different groups called "Houses". The members of each House share common principles and beliefs, and form a political body with an agenda for the Nexus. Some Houses consider themselves the policemen of the Multiverse, while others try to cause as much mischief as they can for pure enjoyment. Others still struggle to research and discover new aspects of the Multiverse and are the force behind the continual development of the Nexus.

Each House conveys a series of unique Skills to its members. At the first Level that an Avatar joins a House, he is granted the first tier Skill of that House. At the third Level that an Avatar has joined a House, he is granted the second tier Skill, and then at the fifth, the seventh, etc. If an Avatar joins a new House, he permanently loses all of the Skills he has gained from the previous House, and begins with the first tier Skill of the new House, regardless of his actual Level. For example, if a Level 5 Avatar who has been a member of one House leaves to go to another, he loses the first, second and third tier Skills he earned from the previous House, and receives only the first tier Skill of the new House. Assuming he stays as a member of the new House, when he reaches Level 7, he will earn the second tier Skill of the new House, and so forth.

Any Avatar can join any House, regardless of his background or Genre. Houses do not convey any other bonuses or penalties other than their special Skills. Each House (and the skills which it conveys to Avatars) is listed in Appendix A. An Avatar may only change his House at the time that he has earned a new Level, at which point the Skill assignment described above takes effect for the new House.

The political strength of a House depends solely on the number of members it has. Each year in the Nexus, every House votes a leader, or "Councilor" to be the head of the House, and all 15 Councilors meet as the political body known as the "Council". The Council also votes on a leader, who is called the "Chairman of the Council". It is the job of the Chairman and his Council to enact rules and make judgments on the mundane matters of the Nexus. Each Councilor has a number of votes equal to the number of members in his represented House; this is referred to as a "weighted" vote.

The Nexus mandates that the Council meets at least twice a year, and that all Councilors vote on those issues deemed worthy of a vote. Not every issue needs a vote; some are settled after debate, and some are simply delegated to a specific House to take care of. A quorum of Councilors is eight out of fifteen, and if at least eight councilors are not present, there can be no official vote. Official votes must be presented in such a fashion that a "yea" result will cause a change in current law or an action to occur. Councilors may not abstain from a given vote, other than in principle. An abstention is an automatic "Nay" vote. Once the votes are counted and a decision is reached, the Nexus abides by the decision immediately (unless the Nexus overrides the decision, which is unusual but does happen).

Note that not all issues require a weighted vote. When a vote is called for, it may either be one-Councilor-one-vote if all Councilors agree, OR at the request of ANY Councilor, must be a weighted vote. For the purposes of representation, Houses MAY be spoken for by someone OTHER than their Councilor, but only Councilors are eligible to cast a vote.

The Chairman's House is considered to be the "ruling" House of the year, and is looked to lead the Nexus in recruitment and education of new Avatars as well as the maintenance of the research, entertainment and well-being of all of the Avatars in the Nexus. If the Chairman resigns or otherwise loses his position before the next election, a new Councilor for his House may be substituted by emergency House vote (if necessary), BUT the Chairman of the Council (and therefore a new ruling House) must be chosen by a new Council vote as quickly as possible.

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