Experience Points and Levels

Once you become a Level 1 Avatar, you are immediately eligible to begin receiving rewards for your endeavors. These rewards are called "Experience Points" (EPs), and you can receive them in three basic ways.

First, the Nexus will reward you with 5 EP for every hour of successful Journeying you complete. The length of the Journey must be determined in advance (up to a maximum of 8 hours per Journey, or 40 EPs). If your Host dies during the Journey and you are returned before its completion, you will not receive any EPs (even if you die in the 8th hour and have already qualified for 35 EPs). Your Chaperone is responsible for reporting your successful Journey to the Nexus (he must hand you a signed EP form for you to present to the Nexus), and you will be credited with your EPs shortly after the completion of the Journey.

Note that a role playing session must be Nexus sanctioned and the gamemaster must be a qualified Double Exposure GM in order for you to receive EPs for the session. There are restrictions on the number of sessions any Double Exposure GM can run outside of official Double Exposure events. Also, multiple sessions at the same sanctioned event usually count as a single Journey unless specifically stated otherwise.

Second, the Nexus will reward the winners of pre-sanctioned, structured Skill Challenges with the following points: 10 EPs for winning, 5 EPs for placing second, and 3 EP for showing third. In order for a Skill Challenge to qualify for rewards, it must have a minimum of 8 participants (not counting an Avatar who is watching over the Challenge, who is called the "Director"). The Director is responsible for reporting your EPs to the Nexus (he must hand you a signed EP form for you to present to the Nexus), and you will be credited with your EPs shortly after the completion of the Skill Challenge.

Note that a wargame, board game or card game must be Nexus sanctioned and the Director must be a qualified Double Exposure Director in order for you to receive EPs for the game. There are restrictions on the number of games any Double Exposure Director can run outside of official Double Exposure events.

Third, players will earn EP for attending official Double Exposure events. Anyone who attends an event will earn a minimum amount of EP (called the "base"), and depending on what they do at the event, they may earn a "multiplier" which will be factored with the base to come up with an EP total for the event. Some Double Exposure events are themed events with a plot; players are never forced to participate in a given plot, but those who do are usually the ones who will receive the highest multipliers. All event EP is given at the END of the event.

On your CC, you will find a number that represents how many EPs are required for you to advance to the next Level. You may not make any changes to your Avatar until you have reached the next Level. A Level 1 Avatar needs 10 EPs to advance to Level 2. The following table shows how many EPs are required for each Level.

Level EPs Needed Total EPs
102,5005,700 Nexus Lord

At Level 8, each Avatar will have the ability to name up to 3 Apprentices (during the lifetime of the character) whom he takes into his care as a Mentor. This Apprentice would have to be someone who is NEW to the Avatar System and who is beginning at Level 0 or 1. For every EP the Apprentice earns through Level 5, the Mentor would earn an equal EP, in addition to his own. This is subject to the ACTUAL limits placed on the Apprentice, so for example, at Level 1, the Mentor could earn no more than 10 EP from the Apprentice. The terms Apprentice/Mentor are generic, and could just as easily describe Father/Son. Note that in the case of Father & Mother (or other such situations), more than one Avatar would be allowed to have the same Apprentice, but all EP bonuses get split evenly among those who are Mentors. When the Avatar reaches Level 6, no further game action recognition is necessary, although of course the relationship with his mentor can be role played permanently.

Upon reaching Level 10, an Avatar is recognized by the Nexus as being a "Nexus Lord". At this point, the player may begin a secondary character (but may only have a maximum of two characters at any given time), and is granted certain special privileges:

1) A Nexus Lord is given a section of the Nexus called a "Domain" in which he is able to define his own slice of reality to rule as he sees fit. Other Avatars who visit his Domain are able to earn EP directly from the Nexus Lord for achieving quests and goals set by the Lord, up to a maximum of 40 EP during any 8-hour period.

2) A Nexus Lord is given a special Item of Protection from the Nexus which will further define his character and protect him from the hazards of the Multiverse. This item is selected BY the Nexus with no input from the player at a time that the Nexus chooses.

3) A Nexus Lord begins earning additional "Ability Points" (explained below), which are available immediately and may be used at ANY time, directly by earning normal EP. A Nexus Lord will earn 1 AP for every 50 EP he earns for the rest of the character's life, regardless of his Genre.

4) A Nexus Lord is considered to be "fully realized" in the Multiverse and may define new (special) Skills or Powers for his character (within limits). These Skills and Powers may be an extension of the existing rules or may be completely new, but will only be available for the Nexus Lord who defined it. These Skills and Powers have a VARIABLE cost depending on their complexity and relative effectiveness, and the Lord needs to have enough AP to buy it once it is approved and rated. A nexus Lord may only buy ONE special Skill or Power upon reaching Level 10 and using the new AP. After that, he may store AP to purchase special Skills or Powers as he wishes.

5) For every 50 AP the Nexus Lord earns, he will receive a 0.5 Tier boost to his current House. A Nexus Lord may change his House at ANY time, but his Tier will immediately drop to 0.5 upon doing so (i.e. he will not even get the first tier Skill of the new House until he earns 50 AP).

6) For every 100 EP the Nexus Lord earns, he will receive one ENE point.

7) A Nexus Lord is immune to the fifth-tier House Fleming Skill "Disguise III", from anyone OTHER than another Nexus Lord.

When an Avatar reaches a new Level, he will be able to spend "Ability Points" (APs). The number of APs he receives depends on his Genre Selection (explained previously), but the base number of APs he will receive is shown in the following table.

Level100% APs

APs are the only way that you are able to improve your Avatar. You are able to spend APs to raise your Primary Stats and to purchase Skills and Powers. When your Avatar reaches Level 1, you MUST spend all of the initial APs you receive on your Primary Stats. After that, you may begin spending the APs you receive at each Level as you see fit. The only restriction on their use is that you MUST spend all of the APs you receive at each level (they cannot be carried over or "held in account" UNTIL a player has spent the entirety of his Level 10 allotment). Remember that no Primary Stat may ever be greater than ENE, but you may spend your APs to raise ENE at the same time as another Primary Stat. Each AP spent on a Primary Stat raises it by 1 point.

Although there is no other restriction on the way you can spend your APs on Primary Stats, please study the formulas of the Secondary Stats carefully to ensure that you are balancing your character. It is certainly allowed for you to boost your OR and/or DR as high as it will go, but good luck if you get hit once and you have ignored your LIFE Stat, or if someone comes along with a Psionic Blast and you have no MIND defense.

Each Skill and Power has an associated AP cost (and in many instances other requirements), but once you pay for it, it becomes a permanent part of your character. More information on Skills and Powers will be presented later. You may NOT spend AP on Skills or Powers until you reach your second Level.

Note that the number of APs you receive at each Level can also be affected by the number of times you "died" in your previous level. For each "death" (explained later), you will lose one future AP. This penalty will take effect immediately when you reach your next level, but in extreme cases, you may begin tapping into APs that you would earn in FUTURE levels. If you advance a Level and have lost all of your normal APs due to deaths, you will NOT be able to make any changes to your Avatar at all. This does not affect those Items, Skills and Powers that depend on the actual level of the Avatar to determine their results.

When you reach a new Level, the Nexus will generate a new CC for you, reflecting all of the new information you have paid for with your APs. Please note that no changes to your character are official unless they are reflected on your new laminated CC - in other words, you cannot just declare that you have reached a Level and thus are entitled to begin using a new Power.

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