There are many different types of Items that you will find in the Nexus. Some are weapons; some are used to defend against weapons. Some hurt other Avatars, and some heal other Avatars. Some Items are tools, used to help perform various actions. Others enhance various Stats and Abilities. You get the idea.

When an Avatar reaches Level 6, he is allowed to define one special Item which defines his character and is therefore made "Special" (explained below). This is a one-time decision and cannot be reversed (but under certain circumstances, Special Items can be upgraded), although it can be delayed indefinitely. Note that when your Avatar dies, even an Unstealable Item can be taken by a lucky Avatar scavenging the body (explained later), but a Special Item is untouchable.

All Items which are anything more than decorative must have an "Item Card" (IC). This card is an official record of the capabilities and use of the Item. The Item may also have a physical component as well, but this is not necessary (it is used purely to enhance the role playing experience). The only thing that matters is the IC.

All ICs share the same basic characteristics, which will be described in a moment. After the basic characteristics, there is a text description of the item which includes any special instructions and/or capabilities for its use. The text description of the item will always supercede the information presented in the basic characteristics, but the basic characteristics are a good quick reference for the Item's general purpose.

The following are the twelve basic characteristics of all Items:

Type: This may be Weapon, Armor or General. The reason this designation is important is that only one Weapon and one Armor may be used during a combat, while an unlimited number of General Items my be used (or in effect). The exception to this rule is any General Item which actually BECOMES a Weapon or Armor when it is activated; this would be clearly shown in the text description of the Item.

Class: This is an identifying characteristic for the Item which is used for other Items as well as Skills and Powers. For example, if the Class is "Edged Weapon", then the "Edged Weapon" Skill will improve its use. This characteristic is also used to pinpoint the exact kind of object the Item is for effects which target a specific class of Items. After the classification, this section will also show the Attributes assigned to the Item, if applicable. Attributes are explained in detail in the next section, and are applied to all types of attacks and defenses, whether they are based on Skills and Powers, or Item effects.

Activation: This may be Continuous, Wearable/Continuous, Wearable/Activated, Activated or Special. If an Item is Continuous, it is assumed to be active (and all of its characteristics in effect) just because it is in the possession of the Avatar. If that Item is a Weapon, it is assumed that its main purpose will be activated when it is used as a Weapon, but any additional characteristics are Continuous. If it is Wearable/Continuous, the Avatar must be actually wearing the Item for it to work as if it were just Continuous (this must be announced prior to the first round of combat, described later). Again, if the Item is an Armor, it is assumed that its main purpose will be activated when damage is to be taken, but any additional characteristics are Continuous. If an Item is Wearable/Activated, the Avatar must be actually wearing the Item for it to work as above, AND the characteristics of the Item can be used as the Avatar sees fit. If an Item is Activated, it can be turned on and off at will by the Avatar just by being in the Avatar's possession. If the Item is Special, then it has some other way of being used or triggered which will be explained in the text description of the Item.

Duration: This may be a value, Instant, or Permanent. Unlike the Activation characteristic, the Duration characteristics refers to its actual effect either when used or when it comes into play in a situation. For example, a special ring may suck ENE from any Avatar within Range (see below) when it is worn. The Activation of this Item would be Wearable/Continuous, but its Duration may be 1 Hour for all Avatars who may come within its range. If an Item is Instant, then the effect is immediate and does nothing else once it is applied. If the Item is Permanent, then its effect will last indefinitely or until cancelled by the Avatar who wields it (if possible). If an Item is Activated or Wearable/Activated, the Duration refers to its actual use by the Avatar who owns it.

Range: This may be a value, Touch, or Special. A value would refer to the Item's Long Range capability or the effective distance that it can be used. In combat, only items which have a Long Range capability (i.e. any value in the Range section) may be used at Long Range, up to the Range indicated. If the Item is Touch, then it must be held or used at Short Range to be effective (such as a sword). In this case, the term "Touch" indicates that the Item can ONLY be used as a Short Range Item. If the Item is Special, then it may not have a Range limit, or the term Range has no meaning for it. This would be explained in the text description.

Value: When the Item is a Weapon, this characteristic shows the value added to the Offensive Calculation. If the Item is used in a Defensive Calculation, this characteristic shows the value added to DR. When the Item is General, this characteristic will show whatever value is associated with its use.

Break Point: This characteristic shows the total amount of damage necessary to destroy the Item. If the calculated damage done to the Avatar who is using it exceeds this number WHILE THE ITEM IS IN USE (whether it is worn, or simply announced that it is in use), the Item is immediately destroyed. Note that this number is NOT limited to armor! If this characteristic is "0" then the Item cannot be broken in this way.

Stealable: This may be Yes, No or Special. If it is Yes, then the Item can be stolen at any time. If it is No, then the Item can only be taken upon the death of the owning Avatar. If it is Special, the Item can NEVER be stolen from the Avatar. Stealing will be explained later.

Requirements: This characteristic will detail anything which is needed before the Item will work. For example, a Weapon may need a specific Skill before it can be used, or an energy shield may need a power source before it will operate.

Bonuses/Penalties: This characteristic will detail special benefits or drawbacks to using the Item. This characteristic will only pertain to the Avatar using the Item and not, for example, his target.

S/M Mod: This characteristic shows two numbers: x/y. They will represent the addition and subtraction maximums in order to use the Item, as a range of numbers. The user's S/M Modifier must fall WITHIN these two numbers in order for him to use the Item.

Use: This may be Once, a value, or Forever. This characteristic simply shows how many uses the Item has before it is rendered ineffective. If it is Once, the Item is destroyed immediately after it is used, whether or not it was successful in its use. If it is a numeric value (including "1"), the Item has a number of charges which need to be recorded (you should use ink on the Item Card itself) before it will no longer work. Unlike Once, the Item does not disappear, but instead may be recharged (details would be in the text description). If it is Forever, the Item may be used any number of times unless there is some other reason why it cannot be used.

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