Non-Combat Actions

An "Action" is assumed to be anything which an Avatar does to affect another Avatar or the Nexus itself. Actions are explained on Item cards, and can also be initiated by Skills and Powers.

However, the vast majority of things which an Avatar can do in the Nexus need no specific rules. Most role playing is done without guidelines and most political actions are performed within the framework set in these rules. So most things that you can do in this game do not need specific rules.

The Actions which DO need specific rules mostly center around combat, and we will discuss that in the next section. For now, let's talk about an important concept, that of the "Surprise Action". As pointed out in the Attributes section, any time you affect someone in the game with an effect, you generally have to alert the player and use Initiative. This reflects the natural alertness of all Avatars, who would, for example, see another Avatar with a concealed weapon come towards them and probably react in natural paranoia. However, there are Actions and effects which can be used outside of combat, and these are designated by the (S) Attribute. One specific Action is part of the normal ruleset, and it is detailed here.

Pickpocketing (R,S) is an attempt to steal an item from an Avatar without engaging them in combat. To do this, you announce to the Avatar that you are attempting the Action, and then you use the following pickpocket calculation: (DR + AC Pick + modifiers). The potential victim now uses the following detect calculation: (MIND + AC Pick + modifiers). If your pickpocket result is higher than the target's detection result, you declare a Class of Item and follow the procedures shown previously for an unconscious Avatar. In this case, the Avatar does NOT know that something has been stolen until you are safely out of sight, and the victim cannot retaliate for one hour if he finds out (from someone else) who pickpocketed him. HOWEVER, if you randomly choose an item which has a Stealability characteristic of No or Special, you have not only failed to Pickpocket it, you have also alerted the target (and he may attack you with Short Range Combat). You may only attempt one Pickpocket per Avatar per hour, even if you fail. If you choose an Unstealable item, or your Result is equal to or lower than your victim's, you have failed, and the target is alerted to you and can attack you if he chooses. Note again that CREDITS CAN NEVER BE STOLEN! Picking pockets may not be simulated by actual pocket picking! Anyone caught physically stealing property will be banned from the Avatar System by Double Exposure. Although Pickpocket uses the MIND Stat, it is not considered to be a Mental Action.

You may not Pickpocket someone who has been declared as a Combatant in a combat.

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