Appendix A: The Houses of the Nexus

House Delphi, aka "The Enlightened": The house of oracles, scientists and gypsies, Delphi is involved in all aspects of esoteric and intellectual analysis of the Nexus. Other Avatars look toward The Enlightened to lead the way in both rational problem-solving and supernatural clairvoyance. The members of House Delphi generally provide many valuable services to the Nexus, including predictions and record keeping, and are usually treated with respect (if not cautious deference).

First Tier Skill: Research. An Avatar with this Skill is able to dissect and explain just about any mystery or mysterious Item which he focuses on. To use this Skill, he must announce his attention to Research something which another Avatar or a Gamemaster has presented, and makes very clear what he is trying to determine. He then removes his House Button for 1 hour. At the end of that hour, the Avatar or gamemaster will enlighten him with an answer to his question. Note that the nature of the research may not yield any usable results, but the Avatar or Gamemaster who is being targeted is under no obligation to reveal this until the research is completed. It is up to the discretion of the Avatar or Gamemaster who is answering the research exactly how to phrase the response, but it MUST be based in SOME factual reality, either from in-character or out-of-character knowledge. The Avatar who is using this Skill may stop it at any time and replace his House Button, thereby aborting the Research (if he wishes to research the same question, he must begin his 1 hour over again). Note that if Research is used outside of an event, the length of the research is considered to be 2 days per subject researched.

Second Tier Skill: Accelerated Learning. An Avatar with this Skill will pay 2 AP less than the normal cost for any other Skill purchase he makes when he reaches a new Level. Note that this Skill does not apply to Powers, and is not retroactive.

Third Tier Skill: Mind Blank (M). An Avatar with this Skill is able to completely clear his mind of all accessible knowledge which otherwise might be coerced out of him by Avatars with Mental Abilities. This Skill requires one round (inside of Combat) or a full minute (outside of Combat) to invoke and release; therefore it cannot be used as a Reaction. During the time it is being invoked or released, the Skill is NOT considered to be in effect, but he cannot perform any other Actions. Once the Mind Blank is in place, the Avatar can hide any secrets or knowledge he'd like from prying Mental Actions, although he is vulnerable to other orders from successful Mental Actions (such as orders to attack someone else, etc.). He may not initiate ANY other Mental Actions while he is Mind Blanked (even if ordered to), and nothing short of his own decision (without any outside influence) stop the Mind Blank. He is free to use any other type of Action during the Mind Blank, as long as it is not Mental.

Fourth Tier Skill: Mental Clarity (M,Y+). An Avatar with this Skill is able to focus his mind in much the same way a warrior focuses his body. The Avatar gains a +20 MIND during all Mental Actions that he is involved with, whether he initiates one or is the target of one. Use of this Skill does NOT count as an Action.

Fifth Tier Skill: Instruction. An Avatar with this Skill is able to teach any of the non-House Skills which he possesses to any other Avatar, free of AP spending by the student. The time for this training is one week for each AP the Skill would normally cost. The Avatar may only have one student at a time, and a student may only have one teacher at a time. This Skill cannot be used to teach a special Nexus Lord Skill, nor to teach any Skill which the student would be ineligible for (i.e. Edged Weapons II cannot be taught unless the student has fulfilled the normal stacking requirement for it).

Choosing House Delphi

This House has been established as the information center of the Nexus. If you enjoy being a character that everyone else runs to for answers, if you enjoy being enigmatic and building your character with the concept that knowledge is power, this is the place for you. Many plots and storylines which take place in the Nexus have foundations in Delphi members who are depended on by the rest of the Nexus for the Research Skill and their unique way of gathering information.

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