Appendix A: The Houses of the Nexus

House Lightfoot, aka "Thugs": This house was originally founded by the Thieves' Guilds of many traditional fantasy thieves, and was later expanded to include other genres. Space Rogues, Pickpockets, Pirates and other Avatars who choose the sub-legal approach for a lifestyle will find their home here. Generally, the other Houses give Lightfoot a lot of room to do whatever they want; they will take it anyway! Other Avatars would do well to avoid calling them "Thugs".

First Tier Skill: Enhanced Escape Combat (Y). An Avatar with this Skill receives a +15 bonus to his Flee calculation when attempting a Flee Action.

Second Tier Skill: Light Fingers (Y). An Avatar with this Skill receives a bonus of +10 to his Pickpocket calculation when attempting a Pickpocket Action.

Third Tier Skill: Hide in Shadows. An Avatar with this Skill is able to remove his House Button at will, as long as he is not the direct or indirect target of any tangible game effect. This Skill may not be used as a Reaction under any circumstances (although it is not considered to be an Action), and area effects and other indirect effects which affect him will prevent its use as well. In Combat, he may use the Skill to instantly escape the Combat IF and ONLY IF he is not in a Melee, but NOT in the middle of an Action which is directly or indirectly targeting him. The use of this Skill is NOT considered a Flee Action, BUT once used, the Avatar must stay OOC for a period of 10 minutes; once that period is over, the Avatar may join back into the Combat he left during the NEXT round as if he were a newcomer. Note that this is the only effect in the game which will circumvent the 10 second rule regarding removal of a House button in public.

Fourth Tier Skill: Enhanced Escape Restraint (R,K,Y+). An Avatar with this Skill is immune to the effects of any Item, Skill or Power which would normally render him immobile or imprisoned. Note that this Skill cannot be used to counter any Attribute other than (R) or (K). This Skill works normally against the "Stun" Skill.

Fifth Tier Skill: Procurement. An Avatar with this Skill is able to procure just about any Item or raw material which exists in the Nexus (but does NOT belong to someone else). In order to use this Skill, the Avatar would declare what he is looking for, and if the Item or raw material exists, a period of time (in weeks) will be assigned for the procurement. The Avatar has NO restrictions during this time, and if the full period of time is used, the Avatar will find his Item or raw material. Note that only one Item or raw material can be procured at a time, but the Avatar can STOP a procurement and begin another one (forfeiting whatever time went into the first one).

Choosing House Lightfoot

There are three Houses which can be considered "the bad guys" of the Nexus, and this is the first. The organization of the House is very much like a traditional mafia structure; the members all watch out for each other and anyone who dares to threaten one member will face the wrath of the whole House. The Procurement Skill is one of the most interesting House Skills in the game, and bolsters the impression that House Lightfoot members tend to have a lot of toys to play with.

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