A few scenes from the Star Wars Capital Ship Combat...

8:00PM ET, Friday, July 12, 1996 at DEXCON 5

The Imperial commanders stand ready to fight the rebels, plotting strategy and preparing for an 8 hour battle!

The Rebel forces, worried about the overwhelming firepower of the Imperial forces, prepare a different strategy - staying alive!

A view of the variety of ships available to the players. The battle featured over a hundred intricately detailed ships, all built to scale!

A close-up view of the massive centerpiece of the battle, the six-foot-long Imperial Class Star Destroyer, Decimator!

Double Exposure, Inc. was proud to host this incredible event, which was co-produced with Sci-Fi Supply of Florida. Sci-Fi Supply built all of the models you see in these pictures out of pure love of model-building and Star Wars, and they have since moved on to work professionally for LucasFilm Ltd!