at 9:00AM - 6:00PM, Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Giant-Scale D&D Competition for Up To Eight Teams of Old School Role Players!

Do you miss the good old days? Sneaking through the dungeons grasping your Player's Handbook tighly, wondering what the next room will reveal? Well, here's your opportunity to relive your past days of gaming glory!

Part of the OSWARP programming, up to eight teams of five players each will delve into a BALLROOM-SIZED dungeon map, seeking treasure and experience points using a simplified form of the Basic Dungeons & Dragons rules (because it wouldn't be old school D&D without house rules!). Rules will be explained to everyone. Familiar monsters combine with fiendishly original traps and NPCs to provide a detailed dungeon experience you won't forget.

Characters will be rolled at the start of the game, and the party will be formed. Each team will start at a different entrance to the dungeon, and will progress as far as they can while racking up points. They may even encounter another team! The winning team will take home trophies and the title of OLD SCHOOL ROLE PLAYERS OF THE YEAR!

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