at 6:00PM - 12:00AM, Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Live-Action Steampunk Event for Fans of Horror and High Adventure presented by Steam Powered Media, Inc.

Many days have passed since your group was separated from the Caravan in the dark and hostile jungle. What few supplies you carried on you dwindle and are expended while you desperately search for the others. Suddenly, your path opens into a large clearing and an impossible sight is revealed; the moss-covered corpse of a colossal airship, crashed and cracked to pieces far beyond the reaches of civilization. Who constructed such a wondrous feat of technology, and what brought this flying titan down? The answers must lie within the behemoth itself. So too does a chance at shelter from the vicious wildlife, and with any luck, the supplies you need to survive. On the other hand, it pays to remember that some things on this wild frontier are best left buried...

Ghosts of the Fallen Skyship offers a unique experience; enter play in the heart of the jungle, light your gas lamps, and forge your own path through the rusted corpse of a massive, retro-futuristic airship. Choose your allies and together search the ruin for supplies and secrets, but be careful who you trust, for desperation and the cover of darkness can lead to a knife in your back - and what you find within may make this place your tomb. Solve the mystery of the airship's rise and fall by piecing together clues found throughout the maze-like ruin. Powerful relics of the past and impossible wonders of technology lie in every direction, and if you survive, can be taken with you on the Caravan. Three well-hidden items can be turned in after the event for bonus XP and free admission to a full weekend game for you and two friends!

Players may create a character at event L0009: The LARP Bazaar (Wednesday Night at 10:00PM) or select a pre-made character at the door. Many props and some LARP-safe weapons will be provided by the staff, but players should come in a costume appropriate for their character. More information on the Travelers system can be found on our website, Check out our forums, where you can ask questions about this event or other aspects of our game. See you soon, Traveler!

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