You may register for DREAMATION 2018 until Tuesday, February 20, 2018 (at 11:59PM). Please use the following form to register. You will be sent a confirmation eMail within 24 hours. VERY IMPORTANT: If you do NOT get a confirmation eMail, please let us know ASAP. Google, Yahoo and several other sites have been at WAR lately and eMails are getting bounced for no reason!

Please note that there are NO REFUNDS. In extenuating circumstances, we will be happy to transfer your membership to someone else, or to carry a credit to a future event.

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You will have the opportunity to enter your credit card information using our Secure Server after you have completed the registration process. Each individual should fill out the information on this page separately, even if one credit card is paying for multiple people. Use the "Notes" field to explain what is being paid for.

If you have already registered for DREAMATION 2018 but are returning here to take care of your credit card payment for any reason (i.e. it got declined yesterday and you fixed it today), you can go straight to the payment page by clicking here.

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$55.00 Complete Membership (entitles you to participate in all events, tournaments and LARPs available at DREAMATION 2018)
Free Membership for Game Masters, Directors, Staff or Guests - This membership requires a special code entered below, and is subject to approval.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE Some groups have been given special codes which result in a discount on their individual DREAMATION 2018 memberships. If you are in such a group, please enter the code here and THE AMOUNT OF THE DISCOUNT. if you are using a FREE MEMBERSHIP CODE, leave the "Discount" field blank.
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