Thursday, February 20 - Sunday, February 23, 2020

Master Schedule for DREAMATION 2020

Updated 2/20/20 at 4:45AM EST. All Emails have been processed.

You may ONLY reserve seats in DREAMATION 2020 events if you are pre-registered. Click here to pre-register for DREAMATION 2020 if you have not already done so.

To reserve your spot in the events you want to play in, send eMail to: and include your name and the events you want to register for BY CODE ONLY! You do NOT need a badge number or any other info - just your name and email address, and the event codes.

NOTE: You may ONLY choose Event Codes which are SHOWN IN GREEN. DO NOT CHOOSE CODES WHICH ARE SHOWN IN RED and have LOCKS on them. Red Event Codes indicate locked events which you cannot register for or events which have already filled up to capacity (this page will be updated several times before the convention starts).

NOTE: The CUTOFF for reserving events is 10:00AM EST on Thursday, February 20. After that time, you can ONLY reserve events by physically entering your name on the Big Board when you arrive at the convention.

We allow you to select second and third choices for a given time slot; indicate this clearly in whatever fashion you'd like, otherwise we will just leave that slot open.

We will reply to your email with a confirmation that your reservations were received as quickly as possible. Note that you MUST include a valid eMail reply-to address for us to reach you to confirm. If you have previously selected LARPs, they will be included in this confirmation.

Emails are resolved in the order received. Even if it takes us hours to get back to you, the timestamp on your email will determine how we enter seat reservations.

Thursday Table Grid in PDF Format
Friday Table Grid in PDF Format
Saturday Table Grid in PDF Format
Sunday Table Grid in PDF Format

Click here for the MASTER INDEX OF EVENTS


Click here for the LARP Schedule

Click here for the Role Playing Game Schedule

Click here for the Non-RPG Gaming Schedule

Click here for the NAGA / D&D Adventurers League Listing

The following games will be offered as PLAY-TO-WIN games. There is no schedule for them; they will be available throughout the convention for attendees to check out, play with their group, then check back in. Each player who participates will be entered into a drawing for that game on Sunday at 2PM, where all of the play-to-win games will be given away.

We are telling you this now SPECIFICALLY so that you understand that leaving time on your schedule to try these games (perhaps with your group) is a GOOD IDEA.
  • 3 Seeds
  • A Fistful of Penguins
  • Ambyria
  • Amul
  • Antiquity Quest
  • Astro Drive
  • Astro Trash
  • Bad Doctor
  • BarBEARians
  • BEARicades
  • Boom Bang Gold
  • Brikks
  • Burger Up
  • Costa Ruana
  • Dawn of Mankind
  • Dinosaur Tea Party
  • Dome Crushers
  • Dungeon Academy
  • Eight-Minute Empire
  • Embark
  • Exodus: Paris Nouveau
  • Final War
  • Fire in the Library
  • Front Line No Komrades
  • Get Me a Fresh Brain!
  • Gold Fever
  • Haven
  • Hoard
  • Imhotep: The Duel
  • Jetpack Joyride
  • Kaiju Crush
  • Knuckle Sammich
  • La Vina
  • Little Drop of Poison
  • Lost Cities: Rivals
  • Madstone
  • Ninjitsu
  • Palaces
  • Paris
  • Pickle Letter
  • Pikoko
  • Pirate 21
  • Red Flags
  • Roll for Adventure
  • Roll for Your Life, Candyman
  • Saboteur
  • Shogunate
  • Shuffle Grand Prix
  • Snowman Dice
  • Swordcrafters
  • The Bears and the Bees
  • The Bottle Imp
  • The Grimm Masquerade
  • The Potion
  • Tiny Towns
  • TripLock
  • Truck Off
  • Village Pillage
  • X-Code

For further information, click here to send eMail.

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