You may register as a player online for METATOPIA 2017 until Wednesday, November 1, 2017 (at 10:00AM EDT). Please use the following form to register. You will be sent a confirmation eMail within 24 hours. There are NO REFUNDS; in emergency situations, memberships can be transferred.

The Complete Schedule of Events

You will have the opportunity to enter your credit card information using our Secure Server after you have completed the registration process. Each individual should fill out the information on this page separately, even if one credit card is paying for multiple people. Use the "Notes" field to explain what is being paid for.

If you have already registered for METATOPIA 2017 but are returning here to take care of your credit card payment for any reason (i.e. it got declined yesterday and you fixed it today), you can go straight to the payment page by clicking here.

If you do not enter a complete and correct eMail address, we CANNOT SEND YOU A CONFIRMATION!
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If you are registering multiple people, you may pay for everyone in ONE credit card transaction, but you MUST fill out a separate registration for each person. Please use the "Notes" field on this form to explain exactly how payment is happening.

Type of Membership
$20.00 Player Membership (a questionnaire will be sent to you enabling us to fit you into playtest events and then you can choose which open events to participate in)
$20.00 Helper Membership (anyone attending with a Designer with the sole purpose of helping the Designer to run events and/or demonstrations)
Free - This option is ONLY available if you have specific instructions from Double Exposure staff to use it. If you choose this option, you MUST use the Notes field below to indicate why you have a free membership.

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Notes (please use this field to enter any special information which deviates from the norm, for example "My membership is being paid for by Donald Trump" or "This is why I have a free membership", etc.):

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