Envoy Supports Any Size Game Company!

Whether you have one game or dozens, Envoy will help you to get your products in front of players across the country.

The Internet is a double edged sword - on one hand, it allows the smallest company to market games all over the world in a way that could not be imagined a generation ago. On the other hand, it gives a false sense of critical mass, in that a small group of vocal supporters can make it seem like the whole world is buying your game - until you see your bottom line. Envoy's main purpose is to physically show your products to potential customers and encourage their purchase. How many venues across the country include demonstrations of your game this weekend? Not enough. Let's fix that.

We won't just give out your products and shrug our shoulders. We will train Heralds to properly teach your game. We schedule appearances for those Heralds at conventions, stores and meetup groups in every state. We ensure that every time your games are demonstrated, that they are clean and complete, and professionally presented. We work with the venues to ensure that your games are available for sale - ALL YEAR LONG.

Fill out our form below and we will respond quickly by sending out our comprehensive Company Perspective, which outlines the four different levels of involvement, from the most basic exposure at our participating venues to total management of your dedicated Heralds across the United States.

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