Join Envoy as a Herald!

We support Heralds in running games and demos at conventions, stores and meet ups across the country. We will work with you to schedule appearances throughout the year at venues in your travel distance, and give you a t-shirt and advertising materials to support you as you present games for Envoy companies.

The more games you present, the faster you advance in the Envoy Program. Each appearance earns you Reward Points, which earn you new levels of national recognition. Plus, those Reward Points can be exchanged for new games, special additions to games straight from the designers and publishers, and lots of other great perks from Envoy companies. With dozens of game companies in the program, there is plenty of new stuff to choose from every month!

We welcome game masters from all across the country to join the ranks of the Envoy Heralds.There are two basic requirements: An enthusiasm for learning and teaching new games, and a camera for video conferencing. We will set up a video chat with you and then you'll start choosing which games to learn and present!

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Newest Additions

Royal Connell

Chief Ambassador (Colorado & Southern Wyoming)

Ian Howard

Ambassador (Maine & New Hampshire)

Nicholas Malinowski

Ambassador (Vermont & Northern New York)

Matthew Lee

Ambassador (New Jersey & Southern New York)

Jamie Spencer

Ambassador (Pennsylvania)

Kiva Fecteau

Ambassador (Maryland, Delaware & Washington D.C.)

Jim Byrge and Erin Ritchie

Ambassador (Kentucky & Southern Ohio)

Edward Kabara

Ambassador (Michigan)

Michael Murphy and Josh Loewen

Ambassador (Indiana)

Brad Price

Ambassador (Illinois)

Eric Edens

Ambassador (Tennessee & Northern Mississippi)

Joshua Bryan

Ambassador (North Carolina & South Carolina)

Brian Dalrymple

Ambassador (Florida)

Steve Huckabee

Ambassador (Louisiana & Southern Mississippi)

Michele Maakestad

Ambassador (Iowa)

Jonathan Lundberg

Ambassador (Minnesota)

Matthew Bach

Ambassador (South Dakota & Nebraska)

Nick Seal

Ambassador (Kansas & Oklahoma)

Devon Weir

Ambassador (Texas)

Scott Neves

Ambassador (Idaho & Utah)

Mike Vander Veen

Ambassador (Washington & Oregon)

David Weinstein

Ambassador (Northern California & Northern Nevada)

Roger Cotton

Ambassador (Southern California & Southern Nevada)

Van Fujishige

Ambassador (Hawaii)