at 8:00PM - 2:00AM, Friday, July 5, 2019

A new live action adventure from Phoenix Outlaw Productions!

After waking up and being confronted by disturbing memories of their past, the passengers and crew of the Alexandria escape the clutches of the insidious Slake and land on the planet of Delphine. But Delphine may not be the sanctuary they have hoped for. Welcome to Arksong and "Planetfall: Delphine", a freeform live action event for up to 75 players. Set in a sci-fi adventure setting, players take on the roles of the lost crew of an ark with a dark past and a hopeful future. No previous knowledge is required for play, but costumes are highly encouraged. Learn more about Arksong on our Facebook game at Got questions? Reach out to us at - characters can be made in advance or else will be distributed on site or at the LARP Bazaar.

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