Upcoming Double Exposure and Nexus-Sanctioned Events:

Updated 11/25/15

DREAMATION 2016 February 18 - 21, 2016 EP: 100*5 plus events
DEXCON 19 June 29 - July 3, 2016 EP: 100*5 plus events
First Exposure at Gen Con 2016 August 4 - 7, 2016 EP: 0
METATOPIA 2016 November 3 - 6, 2016 EP: 0

EP listings are read as follows: The first number is the base amount of EP received just for attending the event. The number after the asterisk is a multiplier for the base number, used to award higher EP for outstanding achievements. For example, if you attend an event which is 100*5, you automatically receive 100 points for showing up. If you were integral in the various storylines of the event and were a fantastic role player, you will receive 500 points (maximum). And if you fall somewhere in between, you will receive some multiple of 100, according to how we rated you at the event. For plot-specific events, EP is split between plot and non-plot performance.

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