Thursday, February 22 - Sunday, February 25, 2018

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The following games will be offered as PLAY-TO-WIN games. There is no schedule for them; they will be available throughout the convention for attendees to check out, play with their group, then check back in. Each player who participates will be entered into a drawing for that game on Sunday at 2PM, where all of the play-to-win games will be given away.

We are telling you this now SPECIFICALLY so that you understand that leaving time on your schedule to try these games (perhaps with your group) is a GOOD IDEA.
  • 3 Seeds
  • Betabotz
  • Billionaire Banshee
  • Bin Fa: The Tao of War
  • Biotix
  • Brutal Kingdom
  • Champion of Earth
  • Circus Flohcati
  • Claim It!
  • Coaster Park
  • Conex
  • Cover Your Assets
  • Dabble
  • Desert Island
  • Donut Drive-Thru
  • Doodle Rush
  • Exoplanets
  • Fabled Fruit
  • Fistful of Penguins
  • Five Seals of Magic
  • Get the Cheese
  • H.I.D.E.
  • Healthy Heart Hospital
  • Hoard
  • Jeju Island
  • Joraku
  • Karuba: The Card Game
  • Lazer Ryderz
  • Letter Tycoon
  • Little Drop of Poison
  • Machi Koro
  • Macroscope
  • Matcha
  • Nefarious
  • Never Have I Ever
  • New York Slice
  • Okey Dokey
  • Paramedics: Clear!
  • Pickle Letter
  • Pirate 21
  • Pit Crew
  • Pyramid Poker
  • Ragers
  • Rollers
  • Samara
  • StarFall
  • Super Mario Level Up
  • Switching Tracks
  • The Best Expansion Ever
  • The Refuge
  • The Worst Game Ever
  • Viceroy
  • Witching Hour
  • Word Slam
  • Zombie Terror

1812: The Invasion of Canada - B709

51st State - B546

7 Wonders - B430, B884

7th Sea LARP - L045

878: Vikings - Invasions of England - B579

A Feast for Odin - B425, B547, B739

A Game of Thrones: Catan – Brotherhood of the Watch - B679

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - B710

A Penny for My Thoughts - R324

A Pirate's Life - L063

AAIE - R298, R394

AD&D Classic - R342

Aeon's End - B580

Age of Thieves - B767

Alhambra - B885

Alien Artifacts - B458, B798

All Round Trip - B426, B680

Ambyria: Shroud of the Shadow Demon - B740, B837

Amun-Re - B572, B768

Animal Upon Animal - B838

Antelope Toss - S643

Apocalypse World (Hack) - R227, R299

Apocalypse World, 2nd Edition - R300, R353

Apples to Apples - B896

Arcane Circle RPS - R290, R343, R369, R386

Arkham Horror - B404, B627

Asking for Trobils - B485

Auction - S867

Aurum - L046

Automobile - B513

Autumn of the Ancients - R228, R301

Azul - B644

Backgammon - B681

Bad Medicine: Second Opinion - B628, B823

Badass Board Game Battle - B799

BASH - R241, R397

Batchelder's Bridge - B459, B645

Battlefield Ops!: Cold War Evolution - W543, W603, W795, W860

Battlelords of the 23rd Century - R291

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game - B775

BattleTech: Alpha Strike - W423, W604, W737

Before the Storm - R246, R325

Behind the Magic - L077

Beyonder: Science of the Six - R302, R327, R376, R395

Bigfoot vs. Yeti - B518, B682

Blades in the Dark - R229, R303

Blood Bowl: Team Manager - The Card Game - B683

Blue Collar - L001, L015

Bluebeard's Bride - R210, R230, R250, R304, R350

Boggle - B431

Bomb Squad - B741

Book of the Dead, The - B478, B479, B857

Boomtown Bandits - B800

Born to Serve - B581, B646, B742

Brain Freeze - B432, B684

Break the Code - S511

Breakfast with Jenn, James and Jason - L078

Bright Story - L019, L047

Bulldogs! - R231, R305

Bulldogs! Fate Core Edition - R275, R354

Bulldogs! LARP - L020

Bunny Kingdom - B548

C.O.G. - B460

Calimala - B444

Call of Cthulhu, 7th Edition - R319, R344, R387, R398

Can't Stop - B486, B776

Captain is Dead, The - B422, B734

Captains of Industry - B705

Carcassonne - B685

Castle Panic - B461, B607

Castles of Mad King Ludwig - B487, B868

Caverna: The Cave Farmers - B462, B777

Century: Golem Edition - B629, B824

Ceylon - B549

Champions Complete - R242, R320, R388

Chaos in the Old World - B712

Characters in Motion - L028

CHARIOT LARP (Freeform) - L012, L071

Chimera Station - B550, B743

Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 - B520

Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure - B551

Clans of Caledonia - B514, B706, B862

Clear the Decks! - B582, B801

Clue, the LARP - L056, L062

Cobras - B713

Coconuts - B405, B463, B744, B839

Codenames: Disney Family Edition - B464, B647

Codenames: Marvel - B521, B686, B886

Colony - B648

Coloretto - B649

Commissioned - B608

Concordia - B515

CONTINUUM 1.1 - R328

Cosmic Run: Regeneration - B687

Cottage Garden - B609, B745

Coup - B650

Crokinole - B729

Cry Havoc - B522

Cthulhu Live! 3.5 - L032, L066

Cutthroat Caverns - B610

D.W.A.R.Vs: Military SciFi in a Fantasy World - R321, R390

D&D 5E - R245, R269, R323, R347, R389

D&D ADVENTURERS LEAGUE - N164, N165, N166, N167, N168, N169, N170, N171, N172, N173, N174, N175, N176, N177, N178, N179, N180, N181, N182, N183, N184, N185, N186, N187, N188, N189, N190, N191, N192, N193, N194, N195, N196, N197, N198, N199, N200, N201, N202, N203, N204, N205, N206, N207, N208

Dark Heresy 2nd Edition - R370

Darkest Night, 2nd Edition - B825

Dastardly Dirigibles - B433

DC Comics Deck-Building Game - B552, B840

Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy - R296, R374, R393

Dead Last - B523, B630, B826

Dead Legends: A Weird West LARP - L053

Dead Man's Draw - B802

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game - B573

Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies - B445

Dead Panic - B827

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong - B553, B714

Delve - R251, B778

Demihumans - R252, R329

Deranged - L054, L064

Diamonds - B567

Die Sieben Siegel (Seven Seals) - B554

Dimension - B858

Dinner for Amateur Mind Readers - L016

Diplomacy - B865

Do You Dream - L040

Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks - B583

Dominion - B611, B715, B870

Doom Troopers - R272

Downforce - B406

Dragon Thrones: Mirror Mission - L017, L041

Dragonfire - B779, B803

Dread - R211, R355

Dream Askew - R326

Dungeon Crawl Classics - R276, R356

Dungeon Dwellers - B555, B804

Dungeon Roll - B446

Dungeon World - R232, R306

DUST 1947 - W704, W735

Dystopian Wars v2.5 - W482


Eminent Domain - B841

Euchre - B488, B651

Event Horizon - L033, L048

Everyday Drama - B489, B716, B842

Everyone's a Suspect - R247, R273, R351

Evolution Pulse - R277, R357, R377

Fall of Magic - R248, R270, R348, R375

Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game - B407

Family Feud - S601

Family Game Table, The - S512, S703

Fantasy AGE - R292

Fate Accelerated - R212, R253, R278, R330, R358, R331

Fate Core - R233

Fate of the Elder Gods - B556, B769

Favor of the Pharaoh - B805

FAZA - B652, B843

First Class - B631

First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet - B427, B557, B688, B882

Flamme Rouge - B465, B717

Flash Point: Fire Rescue - B434

Fluxx - B887

Forbidden Stars - B584

Fortress America - B524

Fortune Cookie Kung Fu - R271, R349

Fortune's Fool - R307

Freeform - L021, L057, L076, L080

Game of 49, The - B761

Garbage Day - B689

Gene Hack - R221, R322

Gentes - B632

Gerrymandering - B466, B558, B844

Get Rich Quick - B633

Go Cuckoo! - B490, B653

Godlike - R213

Good Cop Bad Cop - B718

Good Spirits - B408

GREYHAWK REBORN - G081, G082, G089, G090, G091, G092, G100, G101, G102, G112, G113, G114, G124, G125, G126, G127, G128, G135, G136, G137, G138, G146, G147, G148, G156, G157, G158, G162, G163

Grog Island - B585

Guess the Mess! - B559

Guest Suite - L042

Guildhall - B746

Guilds of London - B491

Hanabi - B719

Happy Birthday Invincible Emperor - L051

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle - B409, B467, B780, B863

Head of Mousehold - B560

Heartblood - R244

Hearts - B468, B888

Hedge and Briar - R226, R352

Hell 4 Leather - R209

Hellapagos - B806, B871

Herbaceous & The Little Flower Shop - B492

Here, Kitty, Kitty! - B493, B845

Hero System 6th Edition - R293, R371, R399

Heroes of Kaskaria, The - B667

HeroQuest 1st Edition - R332

High Noon Saloon - B612

Hollow Earth Expedition - R254, R308

Hotshots - B747

I Hunger - B846

Ice Cool - B708

Imhotep - B469, B847

Immortal Beloved - R279, R309

Imperial Settlers - B707

Incandescent War - L007

Ingenious - B781

Jane - R255, R256, R280, R333

Jenga - B828


Jukebox Bingo - S626

Jungle Speed - B470, B807

Kaiju Crush - B410

Kerala - B748

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot - B889

King of Tokyo - B435, B613, B720

King's Abbey, The - B668

Kingdomino - B471

Kingsburg - B574

Knight Realms v2 - L029

Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama - B494

Lady Richmond: Fast Fight for Inheritance! - B690

Lancaster - B614

Las Vegas - B525

Last Call: The Bartender Game - B872

Last Will - B749

Last Word Standing - B472, B691, B848

Leaders of Euphoria - B569

Legend of the Five Rings LARP - L022

Legendary Encounters - B526

Legends of Andor - B561, B864

LEGENDS OF THE SHINING JEWEL - G084, G094, G105, G116, G130, G141, G149

Lift It! - B782

Lightsaber Stage Combat Workshop - L079

Lightsabers Without Master - R274

LIVING ARCANIS 5E - G088, G111, G123, G145

Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller - L002

Lords of Waterdeep - B770

Love Each Other - R249, R297

Love Letter - B615

Magic: The Gathering - C672

Magimundi - R243, R400

Magnificent Movie Moguls - B527, B849

Manhattan - B495, B850

Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, The - B480, B669, B859

Mars 244: The Liberation of Sisyphus - R234, R281

Marvel Heroic RPG - R235, R310

Masks - R236, R311

Masks of the Mummy Kings - R378

Massive Darkness - B528, B586, B783

Match Madness - B529

Maze Racers - B654

Medici: The Card Game - B436

Meduris: Der Ruf der Gotter - B496

Million Dollars, But... The Game - B562, B721

Mini Rails - B447

Miniatures Painting - M673, M763, M866

Misspent Youth - R257, R359


MoonQuake Escape - B851

Mouse Guard 2nd Edition - R225, R392

Munchkin Collectible Card Game - B497, B530, B563, B692, B722, B750

Munchkin Dragons - B808

Munchkin Kittens - B616

Munchkin Panic - B784

Munchkin X-Men - B587

Museum Heist - B809

My Jam - L018, L065

Mysterium - B437, B785

Nations: The Dice Game - B693

Neuroshima Hex! - B670

Nevermore - B599

New World Magischola - L023, L058

New World Magischola: House Rivalry - B473, B498, B656, B694

Night Witches - R334

No Country For Old Kobolds - R258

No Further Questions - L013, L072

Nobody Expects... - R318

Not Alone - B786

Ogre - W602, W675

Ogre Cheerleaders - B564, B723

Oh My God! There's An Axe In My Head. - B588, B657

Old Man & Skinny Guy: A Gaming Podcast for Everyone at DREAMATION 2018 - S674

OmegaZone: Fate Accelerated Edition - R396

Omnisystem - R222, R265, R294, R372

One Night Ultimate Alien - B751

One Night Ultimate Vampire - B499

One Night Ultimate Werewolf - B438

Orleans - B695

Orphanage of Fear - B411, B634, B829

Othello - B589

Otherworldly Creatures: A History of Monstrous, Alien, and Supernatural Costume - L073

Outflank - B500, B873

Outrageous Youth - R335

Pandemic - B412, B810

Pandemic: State of Emergency - B501, B874

Paranoia (Red Clearance Edition) - R266, R401

Pasion de las Pasiones - R336, R379

Path of Light and Shadow - B787

PATHFINDER SOCIETY - G085, G086, G095, G096, G097, G098, G106, G107, G108, G109, G117, G118, G119, G120, G121, G131, G132, G133, G142, G150, G151, G152, G153, G154, G159, G160, G161

Pinball Showdown - B474, B724

Pistol Princess - R237, R259

PitchCar - B413, B439, B448

Planebreak - L030

Poker - B641, B822

Power Grid - B752

Power Outage version 1.4 - R214, R282, R360

Powerboats - B617

Praying for the End of Time - L006

Princes of Florence, The - B568

Princess World - R238, R312

Project A.T.H.E.N.A.: A Superhero LARP - L074

Psi*Run - R215, R313

Public Memory - L055

Puerto Rico - B811

Race for the Galaxy - B449, B696, B852

Red Carnations on a Black Grave - R283, R337, R361

Red Dragon Inn, The - B443, B762

Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport, The - B481, B671

Red Scare - B450

Resistance, The - B702

Revolution!: Anarchy - B565

Rhino Hero: Super Battle - B618, B812, B875

Risk - B635

Rome: City of Marble - B697

Rovers - R260, R338

Run For Your Life, Candyman! - B531

Ryuutama - R216, R284

Salem 1692 - B590, B890

Say Anything - B658

Scion: Storypath LARP System - L005, L038

Scopa - B414, B725

Scoville - B516, B771

Scrabble - B659

Scythe - B726

Sea of Stars (Beta) - R285, R362, R380

Seco Creek Vigilance Committee - R261, R363

Seikatsu - B415, B619, B788, B876

Sentinels of the Multiverse - B475, B698

Set - B476

Settlers of Catan - B416, B753

SHADOWRUN MISSIONS - G083, G093, G103, G115, G129, G139

Shootin' Ladders: Frag Fest - B727

Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game - B532

Sidekick Quests - R267, R345

Sightseer: Holiday Island - B591, B660

Simon's Cat: The Card Game - B754

Skull King - B793

Sleep: The LARP - L070

Slide Blast - B699

Space Cadets - B502, B575

Space Freaks - B592, B830

Space Hulk - W457, W484, W545, W642, W836

Spades - B600

Sparkle*Kitty - B417, B570, B764, B891

SPIKE - B661

Spirit Island - B593

Splendor - B533, B813

St. Petersburg - B662

Star Trek Panic - B892

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures - W605, W677, W796

Star Wars: Armada - W736

Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit - B789

Starfinder - R223, R373

STARFINDER SOCIETY - G087, G099, G110, G122, G134, G143, G144, G155

Steam - B755

Stellar Siege - B534

Sticheln - B535

Stone Age - B503, B814

Strange New Worlds - R286, R364

Suburbia - B477

Succumb: A Groteqsue Playground Game in Which the Real Monster is Self-Love - L043

Suited for Speed - B504, B700

Super Rhino Hero - B440, B451, B571, B636, B765

Supply Sergeant - B663

Sushi Go! - B505

Swords Without Master - R365

Takenoko - B728

Taking Stock - B506

Tanto Cuore - B452, B637, B831

Teenage Kicks - L075

Telestrations - B620, B815

Telestrations After Dark - B638, B832

Terraforming Mars - B418, B536, B790, B853

Tessen - B877

The Adventures of Dr. Dolotts - L024, L027

The Art of Power - R217, R287, R366

The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze - R314, R339, R381

The Bottle Imp - B507, B878

The Burning Wheel - R239, R315

The Climb - L008

The Dresden Files Fate LARP Rules - L034, L067

The Final Girl - R382

The Hydra Artist's Masterpiece: Mourning Acid Breath - L009, L044

The Imp of the Perverse - R367

The Long Drive Back from Busan - L026, L050

The Networks - B428, B576, B772

The Nexus - L025, L035, L052, L059, L068

The Palace of Mad King Ludwig - B429, B773

The Pursuit of Happiness - B508

The Quest for El Dorado - B883

The Seventh Seal - L010

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 - B730

The Tribunal - L031

The Ward (Acute Care Edition) - R218, R262, R340

The Watch - R219, R263, R316, R341, R383

The Witch of Thrush Hollow - L011

This War of Mine: The Board Game - B537

Those Who Remain - L003

Threadbare - R220

Thunderstone Advance - B538

Ticket to Ride - B419, B879

Ticket to Ride Europe - B816

Tiki Mountain - B731

Time's Up! - B453, B621, B817

Tiny Epic Galaxies - B420, B664

Titans of Empyrean - B539, B756, B854


Tortuga 1667 - B622, B897

Trains - B623, B732

Transatlantic - B509, B665

Traveller (Mongoose) - R268

Tsuro - B818

Twilight 2000, 1st Edition - R391

Twilight of the Gods - B774

Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar - B757

Ultimate Showdown - B758, B454, B594, B624, B639, B791, B819, B833, B893

Unauthorized - B566

Uncharted Seas - Fantasy Naval Miniatures - W541, W676

Uncharted Worlds - R317

Under My Skin (LARP) - L049

Unmasked (Cypher System) - R288

Uno - B835

V-Commandos - B455, B640, B834

Valley of the Kings: Last Rites - B441

Vampire: The Masquerade - L036, L069

Vegetable Chop, The - S403

Verdant Wastes - L039, L060, R402

Village Crone, The - B821

Viticulture - B759

Warhammer 40,000 - W424, W483, W544, W606, W678, W861

Warhammer 40,000/Apocalypse - W738, W797

Wasteland Express Delivery Service - B421, B595, B666, B855

Waters of Nereus - B733

Watson & Holmes - B760

Wazabi - B456

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - L061

Werewolf: The Apocalypse/Changing Breeds - L037

Werewords - B766, B856

Whistle Stop - B596

Winner's Circle - B577


Wise Guys and Lies - B519, B711, B869

With Great Power... - R240

Within My Clutches - R384

Wits & Wagers - B540

Wonky - B597

Word Slam - B442, B598, B792, B880

Wordsy - B517

World Wide Wrestling - R224, R264, R295, R346

Writer's Workshop - S881

Xenolanguage - R289, R368, R385

XenoShyft - B578

Xia: Legends of a Drift System - W542

Yahtzee - B510, B894

YouRateDogs - B625, B701

Yukon Salon - B820, B895

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