The Complete Schedule of Events will be posted on October 24, 2021.

The convention begins at 9:00AM EDT on Friday, October 29th, and will utilize three main platforms: Discord (for groups to gather and chat), the Envoy Gateway (for scheduling of Panels/Seminars & freeform Playtests) and Twitch (for the execution of the Panels/Seminars on three simultaneous channels). Complete information about how to log into each of these platforms will be sent to all registered attendees before the convention starts.

If you do not enter a complete and correct eMail address, we CANNOT SEND YOU A CONFIRMATION! Please note that address are currently being almost universally banned by mail processing programs, and therefore cannot be accepted. If you register with a address, even if you get an automatic email confirmation, you MIGHT NOT BE REGISTERED.
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The PROFESSIONAL Membership allows you schedule and run playlists, and your name, company and web site will be listed on the front page of the METATOPIA 2021 ONLINE site as a recognized Industry Professional.

Type of Membership
$5.00 Player Membership (access to all panels, seminars, events and ability to play in all freeform playtests)
$35.00 Professional Membership (access to all panels, seminars, events and ability to schedule and run freeform playtests)
$30.00 Upgrade to Professional Membership (because you already registered as a Player but got a sudden inspiration; or you misread the above information)
Free - This option is ONLY available if you have specific instructions from Double Exposure staff to use it. If you choose this option, you MUST use the Notes field below to indicate why you have a free membership.

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